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Deep Dream Reveals the Shocking Truth About Donald Trump's Hair

I‘ve been using Google’s Deep Dream software (via Dreamscope) to conduct research into the mystery wrapped in an enigma held desperately in place with hairspray that is Donald Trump’s hair… 108 more words

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Open Thread for Personal Stuff: June 2015 Dawg Needs a Break Edition

Turns out we’re overdue for one of these threads too. As always, no trolls, MRAs, MHRAs, PUAs, you know who you are. Write the mods if anything gets weird. 6 more words

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Six photos that prove the dogs are up to something, too

On numerous occasions in the past, I have posted pictures and videos indicating that the cats of the world are clearly up to something nefarious. 42 more words


I'm still here! New posts later today. In the meantime, here are some cats

Sorry no posts the last couple of days; offline stuff came up that I had to deal with. I should be able to resume my normal posting schedule today with a couple of new posts. 44 more words


The We Hunted the Mammoth Tribute to the True Heroes of Gaming

Since today is Thanksgiving — also known as Thursday, to those not in the US — I thought I would take a break from all the negativity and celebrate some of the true heroes of video gaming. 62 more words


Giant Blinking Thanks! (Pledge Drive is Over)

I just wanted to offer a giant, ridiculous, blinking, kitty-filled THANK YOU to everyone who donated in the Man Boobz Pledge Drive this week, whether your donation was big or small. 112 more words


Vox Day: Don't call your wife "the boss," because women are dogs, or something.

Some married men like to jokingly refer to their wife as “the boss,” generally in a patronizing manner that suggests she’s nominally in charge of the boring everyday stuff in the household that he doesn’t really care about anyway. 457 more words