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The trouble with mindfulness

I am writing this post in response to an article ‘Is mindfulness making us ill’ that appeared in the Guardian magazine at the weekend. It was written by a writer on ‘politics, social affairs and economics.’ Her name is Dawn Foster and it appears she has had one bad experience of meditation and found a few others who have too. 313 more words


Lean in / Lean out

Last night I went to hear Dawn Foster talk about her new book Lean Out. It took place at the London Book Review bookshop in Bloomsbury. 277 more words

Where next for capitalism?

Dawn Foster reviews Paul Mason & Matt Ridley

Is the rise of technology strengthening capitalism or tearing it down? Dawn Foster reviews two new books  1,306 more words


Daisy-May Hudson: ‘Being homeless came as a big shock

By Dawn Foster published by The Guardian:

The 24-year-old film-maker’s documentary, Half Way, records her family’s loss of their home and struggle to find somewhere to live – to show it can happen to anyone.

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Gary Neville’s kind gesture on squatting highlights growing rage over housing

By Dawn Foster published by The Guardian:

What do a former Manchester United player and the pope have in common? Quiet at the back: both have better opinions on and approaches to squatting than the current government.

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The psychologists walking 100 miles to fight austerity’s impact on mental health

By Dawn Foster published by The Guardian:

For most psychologists, the working week is varied, but mostly predictable, with patient appointments, letters and clinical sessions. But for Stephen Weatherhead, a 37-year-old clinical psychologist working in Lancaster, and for a lot of other psychologists, this week is going to involve walking 100 miles from Leicester to London, sleeping rough, and meeting dozens of people along the way.

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