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Whispering Waters

One of the most beautiful player homes is Whispering Waters by Sheadi that sits nearby Anise’s Cabin outside of Riverwood. This was the author’s first mod and Sheadi did a fabulous job. 77 more words

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Summerset Isle

New content is the best for any game but super duper when it’s for Skyrim. Summerset Isle looks and sounds exciting. Install into a current game or in a new game so flexibility is there for how and when you wish to add into your game. 91 more words

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Waterfall Cabin

We love the houses and this one is very cool. It’s so different in its design. At first glance you think that’s a lumber-mill with the style of the outer house. 46 more words

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Skyrim: Night Archer.

The Archer: A marksman, adept at combat at great distances.
Able to take down most foes even before they have a chance to draw a weapon.
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skrim DLC Dawnguard (2012)

With the amount of content already in the original Elder Scrolls V I thought it almost impossible to add anymore stories, quests or characters to this previously huge game. 536 more words


Skyrim Mod Suggestions/Summer Holiday Occurances Part 1- Gaming Post!

Well hello there!

James here. After 6 weeks on holiday and a promise of posts during those times, here I am posting… after the holidays. So time was well spent :P During the holidays I spent the entirety of my first week playing Skyrim (I would have spent my whole summer playing but Aimee told me I wasn’t allowed to spend any more time on it :( ), digging my way into the DLC,  Dragonborn. 279 more words