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My First 3 Playthroughs of Skyrim Were Legendary

Play-thru 1: Adam the Argonian

I was a virgin to the Elder Scrolls series. I don’t really remember why I bought the game or who got it for me.  2,697 more words


Phantom Bandits

When it comes to bandit mods we are all over those and love seeing the creativity that authors put into these rascals to make them cause havoc around Skyrim. 89 more words

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Exploring the atoms in The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim.

“Fus Ro DAH !!!”


The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is an ultra immersive, open world, role playing game and the 5th installment of the ever growing Elder scroll series created by Bethesda Game studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. 442 more words

Whispering Waters

One of the most beautiful player homes is Whispering Waters by Sheadi that sits nearby Anise’s Cabin outside of Riverwood. This was the author’s first mod and Sheadi did a fabulous job. 77 more words

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Summerset Isle

New content is the best for any game but super duper when it’s for Skyrim. Summerset Isle looks and sounds exciting. Install into a current game or in a new game so flexibility is there for how and when you wish to add into your game. 91 more words

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Waterfall Cabin

We love the houses and this one is very cool. It’s so different in its design. At first glance you think that’s a lumber-mill with the style of the outer house. 46 more words

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