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Skyrim: Night Archer.

The Archer: A marksman, adept at combat at great distances.
Able to take down most foes even before they have a chance to draw a weapon.
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skrim DLC Dawnguard (2012)

With the amount of content already in the original Elder Scrolls V I thought it almost impossible to add anymore stories, quests or characters to this previously huge game. 536 more words


Skyrim Mod Suggestions/Summer Holiday Occurances Part 1- Gaming Post!

Well hello there!

James here. After 6 weeks on holiday and a promise of posts during those times, here I am posting… after the holidays. So time was well spent :P During the holidays I spent the entirety of my first week playing Skyrim (I would have spent my whole summer playing but Aimee told me I wasn’t allowed to spend any more time on it :( ), digging my way into the DLC,  Dragonborn. 279 more words


Serana - AKA #Blaugust day 21

While I was fishing about yesterday for something to write about, I got had this conversation with a friend and guildie.

His response came after I actually had already posted yesterday, but it definitely gave me an idea of writing occasionally about some of my favorite characters across different games. 946 more words

Top 10 Dragon Shouts

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a top 10 list of anything, so I’d figure a list for the best and most useful shouts (in my opinion) was an order. 1,023 more words

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Gamer's Guide To Skyrim: Skyrim Ultimate Save File Progress 2

Alright, here are some higher quality shots of my journal progress.

Quick Notes:

  • Completed the Dark Brotherhood storyline. Gained Shadowmere, Cicero, fully upgraded Dawnstar Sanctuary, Windshear, Tumblerbane Gloves, and the two essential Initiate followers.
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The Gamer's Guide to Skyrim: Skyrim Ultimate Save File Progress

Though… Not as shocking as this:

Oh, Skyrim… You’re so weird.

Quick Notes:

  • Completed Main Quest up until Diplomatic Immunity.
  • Completed Daedric Quests; Waking Nightmare (in Erandur’s favor), The Break Of Dawn, Ill Met By Moonlight (received two rewards), and working on A Daedra’s Best Friend.
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