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Amicalola Falls

During a spur-of-the-moment road trip, we decided to stop by Amicalola Falls in Dawsonville, Georgia.  We stayed at the lodge, which was very nice!  The room’s view over the mountains was amazing.  292 more words


Top of the Falls

A view from the top of Amicalola Falls on a rainy day.  As you can probably tell from the lack of leaves and brown vegetation, February is still Winter season here but Spring is not far away as we saw when visiting Gibbs Gardens just a little south of here.   76 more words


Amicalola trickle

We made  a trip up to Amicalola Falls yesterday after visiting Gibbs Gardens.  I guess I had forgotten that we had been under drought conditions most of the summer because I was surprised to see the falls with so little water.   133 more words


Treating Yourself

I am a firm believer in treating yourself. My bank account, on the other hand, is not.

There has to be a balance between saving everything and spending everything. 376 more words


Wonderful weeds

Wildflowers can be just as beautiful as the cultivated varieties that gardeners and landscapers use.  Admiring the unexpected decorations that are right under our feet can be a great eye-opening exercise.   42 more words


Busy as a Bee

Bees were plentiful and hard at work collecting pollen from as many flowers as possible.  It was really entertaining to watch them compete with each other and the butterflies.   53 more words


Ailanthus webworm (Atteva aurea)

My wife Joyce, spotted this little bug on one of the sunflower plants that we were enjoying at Fausetts Farm.  Of course, since I was trying out my recently acquired macro lens, I had to get a few shots.   140 more words