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Check Out Josh’s Blog on Creating Percentile in DAX

I would like to introduce a “new” blogger to you. Joshuha Owen has restarted his blog and will be covering topics on business intelligence and data. 120 more words

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MDX and DAX online formatter

Delighted to stumble upon this today. Posting for my own reference as much as anyone else’s benefit! Thanks, Nick Medveditskov!



PowerPivot Workout #10 - Using ALL to compare pivot results to raw baseline

This Workout introduces another use of the All function so that results in the pivot can be compared to baseline data.

See the below PowerPivotPro post for all the information you’ll need on understanding the ALL function. 108 more words


PowerPivot Workout #9 - Introducing HASONEVALUE to remove Grand Totals

This workout shows how the DAX Function HASONEVALUE can be used to remove Grand Totals. Often the pivots we create have useless Grand Totals that are confusing to the report consumers. 141 more words


Improving Performance in Excel and Power View Reports with a Power Pivot Data Source

On a recent project at work, I ran into some performance issues with reports in Excel built against a Power Pivot model. I had 2 Power Views and 2 Excel pivot table reports, of which both Excel reports were slow and one Power View was slow. 955 more words


2015/2/14 - Happy Valentine's Day

After almost 2 months of struggle which saw major indices in a whipsaw, the desire for stocks has returned in spades. Indeed, look no further to the QQQ chart which gives the most telling story, as the floodgate was opened ever since the breakout from the final line of defense which bore major significance: 237 more words

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The future for me

I was reading through the email from The Databse Weekly and I saw an article from Paul Randal with regards to Paul being your mentor. This really got me thinking and where is my future within Business Intelligence (BI). 249 more words