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Day 107

I woke up feeling like death itself! I couldn’t even go to work and I ended up sleeping until 2pm! Too bad I had class at 3pm or else I would have kept sleeping until forever! 128 more words

Day 207: 365 Grateful, reset

Time for bed. Start new tomorrow. No way of knowing what the day will bring.

365 Grateful

Day 107: Where have I been? Well...

Day 107: Where have I been? EVERYWHERE but the gym. Yes, I made it to Vegas – not less 30 lbs like I had planned on, … 1,155 more words


Yesterday’s! Was too lazy to post last night, so here you go!



365 Project

Day 107

Day 107

Last night was the first time I have prayed in years.

I think the last time was just after Mum died. Like most children, I prayed for her to come back. 277 more words