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30 Days of Paganism Challenge - Day 15, 16, 17

Relationships: Ritual, Worship, & Reverence – Your own way or worshiping and revering various deities, etc

 My way of worshipping include the use of meditation, visualization, burning incense and candles according to how they correspond to deities in my pantheon and whichever Deity I’m working with at the time. 321 more words

30 Days Of Paganism Chall

Day#15: Bullet Point Your Whole Day

Okay, I’m really sorry! This was supposed to be posted yesterday… again but this time our desktop computer crashed which I often used in blogging. Now I’m stuck at these old rusty laptop that I haven’t used in ages. 202 more words


30 Days Blogging Challenge - Day #15

-“Something that you miss”.

Sometimes I get really nostalgic and I want to go back to my school days where everything was so much more simpler. 116 more words


SAHW: Wednesday Post (6/24/15)

Another lazy day… Got more laundry day… I even have a good schedule I’m gonna follow for laundry so that we’re not doing too much at one time… or so that  69 more words

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I am grateful: Day 14 + 15

For the first time in two weeks, I missed one of the days.

Yesterday, I was grateful … for a girl’s night.

I had an on and off day yesterday, by that I mean I was okay for most of the day but there were parts of the day where I just wasn’t quite there. 92 more words