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How to be Happy, DAY 15, TIP 14

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Inktober - Day 15 - Relax

Well, the working week was … work. But the weekends are worth waiting for.

Days 10 to 14 got lost, but relax is the word for today. 35 more words

K Patrick Moody

Day #15 #aussieoctoberchallenge 

Day #15 – book + sky.

Perfect sky with a perfect book.

Stick around. . .


Days 15 & 16: Run with Heart

As runners, our weekends are usually full of long runs, races, early bedtimes, rolling, stretching…and lots of other fun running related stuff.

No matter what your plan is…a long run or a race…run with purpose, not to win but to test your own limits and to give it all you’ve got! 174 more words

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Tea Party- Day 15

My human was really busy today, so to pass the time I had a little tea party. Although… the only drink options were coffee and wine … but they seemed happy enough !

Day Series

30DayChallenge: Day 15! Favorite animal Sidekick

Oh easy. I’ve named my cat after this character. He’s a sass-master 4000, and a beast in the sheets.

Incompetent he may be, but he’s got the brains, and eventually the brawn to back it up! 136 more words


Words Challenge, Day 15

Yesterday I submitted you all to a lacking exercise in romantic poetry at my hands. That will not be the experience today–rather, I want to share with you all one of my favorite poems by a prolific author: Milton. 233 more words

Life And Love And Happiness