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Before you marry that guy/girl...

First off, how una dey? How are you wrapping up your year? Nicely I hope… I saw something recently that said even if it doesn’t look like it now, keep working at it. 785 more words

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The Sydney Adventure

We left L.A. to drop our Granddaughter off at the Sivananda Yoga Farm for a 30 day course to secure her yoga teaching credentials.
The trip up was a nightmare. 288 more words

Day 2 Day

Gratitude... We should be grateful

Good people of the Fairy GodSister’s blog!

How many times do you feel like everything isn’t working? Like maybe business isn’t going great, deals aren’t coming in, your relationship isn’t worthy to be used as an example talk less of as a goal, and you’re spits away from quitting? 614 more words


Lifting is in the air! Yours too!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, sons and daughters of God!

How have you been o!

I saw Eziaha’s tweet early this morning, where she literally said, ‘go and write Chioma’. 335 more words


What is it about democracy and good governance?

I am an associate member of the Royal Commonwealth Society, have been for just under a year now. It is such an honor and a privilege to belong/be inducted into/volunteer with/ be called to be part of these prestigious organizations and I keep praying that I live up to the expectations my membership of these bodies bring. 820 more words


Life aint always fairytales

Let me see…wherd do I begin.?..it has been fucking forever since I last wrote to you.
Well again I find myself in a situation that is totally fucked. 135 more words

Day 2 Day