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Must Try Street Food | Amsterdam

Hello folks!

My journey in Amsterdam consisted on eating, exploring and partying! Like any other place in the world, Amsterdam has it’s own specialty in food! 409 more words

Day 2 Day

Ayam Elezz | Dubai

The Good Old Days is the English translation to Ayam Elezz. Everything about this place takes you back in time, from interiors,  music and the entire atmosphere. 178 more words

Day 2 Day


Whenever I hear the word ‘galaxy’, my mind strays to somewhat unfamiliar terms like asteroids, comets, intergalactic activity etc., and to better known terms like stars, planets, rotation and revolution, etc. 206 more words


Why lie? Take the pledge...

ADVANCE WARNING: This is going to be a bit all over the place, like my mind is at the moment. Ready? Cool.

Have you ever been lied to? 613 more words

Nigerian Blogger

Where are the men?

So last night I watched this gorgeous movie called The Intern starring Robert De Niro (Ben) and Anne Hathaway (Jules), is centered around Jules leading an internet fashion company and having Ben as one of the interns. 571 more words


Today's workout agenda

I attempt to switch up my workout routine on a daily basis, to be honest I mainly focus on legs, butt, and abs. My trainer constantly expresses the importance of a proportional workout, so I compromise and do a full body workout when I’m with him. 305 more words

Day 2 Day

Food agenda

I get asked how I maintain my weight after having a baby and being busy so I typed out what I eat on an average day. 162 more words

Day 2 Day