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What is it about democracy and good governance?

I am an associate member of the Royal Commonwealth Society, have been for just under a year now. It is such an honor and a privilege to belong/be inducted into/volunteer with/ be called to be part of these prestigious organizations and I keep praying that I live up to the expectations my membership of these bodies bring. 820 more words


Life aint always fairytales

Let me see…wherd do I begin.?..it has been fucking forever since I last wrote to you.
Well again I find myself in a situation that is totally fucked. 135 more words

Day 2 Day

Recap and Coming Home

The last two days I got sick so I just laid low. The trip was not about all the things we saw, or did. It was about the family and friends we interacted with. 181 more words

Day 2 Day

Vacation Day 16 plus

Hanging out in Connecticut is very cool. We had a choice of going to dinner at a very fancy restaurant that had been established in 1776, or Bills. 235 more words

Day 2 Day

Vacation Day 15 or so

We left Bob and Kathy in New York. It was a very nice visit with feelings of comfort and family. Al Picked us up and we drove to Connecticut. 233 more words

Day 2 Day

Vacation Day 13-14 sort of

Flew up from Virginia to New York. Weather is misty and gray, but warm. Bob and Kathy met us at the airport. Not an easy thing, as the airport is under construction and getting around is not easy. 295 more words

Day 2 Day

Vacation 9-10 or so

Travel is not easy. I have no idea how sitting down being shot through the air can be so fatiguing. We stayed with Bill and Dixie (Judy’s cousins) in Virginia. 217 more words

Day 2 Day