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Day 227

September 15, 2015

Rain on raspberry leaves (A re-edit)

138 days remaining.

September 2015

Day 227 - Yellow

Yellow is not a favorite color of mine but occasionally I will see a yellow flower and it reminds me of sunshine and makes me smile. 7 more words

365 Day Challenge

Quote of the Day: 8/15/15

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-Seven

“Life is a tough crowd”

-Taylor Swift . Innocent

Until Tomorrow,


365 Days

Day 227

365-day music challenge: Day 227/365 – A song you like that mentions a State in it.


Day 227 - Delivery

Signed, sealed delivered,

A package waits at my door,

What could be inside?

365 Days - 365 Haikus

Day 227: 365 Grateful, snuggle time

I asked for some snuggle time this morning. Mike and I were both awake…and we snuggled, love it.

Typically we will just get up, drink coffee, do our own routines. 12 more words

365 Grateful