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Day 227: 365 Grateful, snuggle time

I asked for some snuggle time this morning. Mike and I were both awake…and we snuggled, love it.

Typically we will just get up, drink coffee, do our own routines. 12 more words

365 Grateful

Freaky Friday

#227: You experience your own Freaky Friday, and switch bodies with someone you love/hate. Tell us what happens.

This is pretty tricky since I haven’t seen the film, so have no idea what they get up to. 49 more words

365 Days Of Writing Prompts


ART : Collection of latest portrait illustrations by Anna Dittmann aka Escume.



Manik 6 Joy Full


I am Manik. We are pleased at the progress you are making along your ascension path. 932 more words

Mayan Messages

Day 227: Hong Kong > Beijing > Tokyo My flight got...

Day 227: Hong Kong > Beijing > Tokyo

My flight got rerouted last minute to include a 4hr layover in Beijing, so now I am losing an entire day meant to be spent in Tokyo b/c I depart HK at 10:30am and arrive to Tokyo at 11:30pm 😪 111 more words

August 15, 2013: Day 227

Poor little guy was on my porch when I got home this afternoon. I was hoping he was just displaced when the sun came up and would fly away once the sun went down. 13 more words


Maddy X2

15th of August, 2013

I completed my psychology revision cue cards today! Early, for once. Not having work all this week has been great- although I can smell my retirement coming soon. 50 more words

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