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Day 227: The eyes will tell you

We were sitting down to hot bowls of chili tonight. It was rather late, and everyone was tired from the activities of the day. We were staring off into oblivion, and no one was talking. 252 more words

Day 227

2 Kings 17:39

Worship the Lord your God; it is He who will deliver you from the hand of all your enemies.

Disaster fell on Israel when they disobeyed God and allowed idols to remain in their lives. 193 more words

Day 227

September 15, 2015

Rain on raspberry leaves (A re-edit)

138 days remaining.

September 2015

Day 227 - Yellow

Yellow is not a favorite color of mine but occasionally I will see a yellow flower and it reminds me of sunshine and makes me smile. 7 more words

Daily Photograph

Quote of the Day: 8/15/15

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-Seven

“Life is a tough crowd”

-Taylor Swift . Innocent

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365 Days

Day 227

365-day music challenge: Day 227/365 – A song you like that mentions a State in it.


Day 227 - Delivery

Signed, sealed delivered,

A package waits at my door,

What could be inside?

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