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100 Days of Poems for the Unknown - Day 25

Sober Drinks
All rhis time we were drubk you were sober

Yoy were okay yet I was merely thinking straight

Now that I can I wonder wgy I even bother about you… 14 more words


The King Who Always Alone


Day 25th of 30 Day Anime Challenge and maybe, there’s something a little spoiler in here. So, be careful. Our topic this time is, “Saddest Anime Death.” 353 more words


#AugustKindnessChallenge #Day25

You’ve been going out of your way the entire month to become aware of other’s needs. Today I want you to put your feet up and do something you enjoy. 43 more words


Day 25: What Made Your Day Special?

My day was made special by me going to my first ever teacher workshop. I saw an old classmate I haven’t seen in a couple of months (who is working in the same district as me!!!)and I was not shy or timid at all. 34 more words


DAY 25: Moving For A Bit (28 Day Reset)

My mother is away for 10 days and I have to keep an eye on the dog, so today I moved the stuff I need to my mothers’ place to stay there. 134 more words


30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 25

Here we are at Day 25, which means I am 5/6ths of the way through this challenge. Favourite female protagonist today. I could um and ah about this for awhile but I think it is pretty clear who I will end up choosing. 151 more words

Day 25 - Go Outside - 30 Day Waste Reduction Challenge

Go outside today! Enjoy the day and the weather! If you’re working today maybe you can go for a walk when you get home. Or plan your day outside when you aren’t working. 206 more words