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Inktober Day 25 Mummy

Inktober Day 25 Mummy… I didn’t like the idea of drawing a traditional mummy or corpse for this drawing. I wanted this girl to be pretty, but rough and maybe a bit scared. 35 more words


Day #25 #aussieoctoberchallenge 

Day #25 – fave villian.

With the help of my sister who picked The Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Claire, she said that the father Valentine has to be the best villian for a long time. 23 more words


Too early! - Day 25

For some silly reason my human needed to be up at 5am… not happy!

Day Series

Words Challenge, Day 25

Maybe I just have super heartbreaking taste in poetry, but I love poems from the first world war. There aren’t many things that could pay higher tribute, in my mind, than a poem well written to the men who died, the mothers who stayed behind and the sweethearts who wept for their lovers. 263 more words

Life And Love And Happiness

Day 25: Lurking

When I think of lurking, I think of watching streams and not announcing yourself to everyone else in the chat. This got me thinking, “What’s the actual meaning of ‘lurking?’” According to the glorious Google definitions, it has to do with ambushes and presenting some form of a threat (of course there is a chatroom version of lurking, but let’s swing with these ones for the meantime). 236 more words

100 Day Writing Challenge