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30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 25

Here we are at Day 25, which means I am 5/6ths of the way through this challenge. Favourite female protagonist today. I could um and ah about this for awhile but I think it is pretty clear who I will end up choosing. 151 more words

Day 25 - Go Outside - 30 Day Waste Reduction Challenge

Go outside today! Enjoy the day and the weather! If you’re working today maybe you can go for a walk when you get home. Or plan your day outside when you aren’t working. 206 more words

30 Days Wild - Day 25: Very Black and White

I made a brief foray to the coast in the morning and was rewarded with the sight of a pair of avocet with two chicks. The parents were very alert, using their typical contact call to keep in touch and a very distinctive alarm call whenever a great black-backed gull or similar predator was spotted. 103 more words

Day 25 Floating Daisies

Spent another good day in the studio.  Finished my oil from the other day, did an alla prima oil of a frilly day lilly and some small watercolor works. 104 more words


My Five Favorite Bloggers

Day 25 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

For Day 25, I’m supposed to write about my five favorite bloggers. As you know, I’ve only had this blog since mid-January, so I don’t know the blogosphere all that well yet. 464 more words

More Chaos

30 Day Anime Challenge - Day 25

Day 25: Saddest Anime Death

There are a lot of dead anime characters who had the most depressing and saddest of deaths. We’ve got Kaori from Your Lie in April, Nagisa from Clannad, Menma from AnoHana – to name a few of them. 357 more words


Sessions should still resign, still need an independent investigator, Comey should have been fired. (Day 25)

There’s a pretty big uproar over Comey getting fired. The timing is questionable, but it was *always* going to be questionable. Comey broke the rules, both written and unwritten, in a way that aided Trump’s election; he was also in charge of an organization that was involved in investigating the Russia ties since before inauguration. 133 more words