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Day 22 and onwards

Packed our bags and got on the bus for the last time.  Just headed back to the starting point in London.  Everyone was tired and quiet and it was over. 165 more words


Day 25 Of 30 Day Challenge:Lady Of The Forest

Just 5 more days to day with this. I plan on taking a bit of a break once this is all said and done. I am beginning to get a bit burned out on it all admittedly. 173 more words

30 Day Challenge

Shine On

Day 25 – Yellow

Another literal interpretation of the theme. The sun is one of the first things that comes up with the word yellow. Admittedly, this piece has more oranges and reds than yellow. 113 more words

A-Z Challenge

The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 25 - The Saddest Anime Death

Double Whammy (Obvious Spoilers)

The schedule is included in case you need/want it. I shouldn’t have to say it, especially again, but obvious spoilers in this post. 621 more words

Jon Spencer Reviews


We eat pine-
apple in daytime.

Pile up the pins
from the peel,

lip our pain,
spit the spikes

into our laps.
We were a reck- 60 more words

That Single Syllable

I love the weight of your name
on the tip of my tongue, spilling
from my mouth’s confines
into the fuller body of the world.

Your name, that single syllable,
is like a heartbeat,
strong and simple,
essential, alive mostly
on the edge of awareness.



I am staying the night
Me and my songs
In my room
It’s therapy
A perfect love story

Singing at the top of my voice… 53 more words