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The Color of Gravity

“Color bleeds, so make it work for you. / Gravity pulls, so make it work for you.”
-Richard Siken

Color bleeds flammeous. Head on fire… 53 more words

Day 25 (caught up!!) - borrowing

Hurrah, I am back on track and there is less than a week to go! (she says, setting herself up for a fall…)

I never cease to be amazed at what my head/fingers write when I approach some of these challenges. 193 more words

Sail Away

They sailed away for a year and a day
Not knowing to where they’d return
A parrot, a pirate, a flag to inspire it
Their ship made of hope and heartburn… 82 more words


The Song of Madness

napowrimo day 25

Verse I.

Here are the echoes of the past that come to drive you mad

With love, and want, turn you into the follower of Ishtar… 39 more words


The Fairy Queen

I’ll be spreading the light from the hilltops

She told me the morning

Before she left

To dance with the other faeries

She was always doing this… 44 more words


30 Day Blog Challenge. Day 25: Favourite poem.

Hello everyone!

I mentioned this poem and a quote from it in an earlier blog, so I shall link the video that has the words in the description beneath why I love this poem. 127 more words


Day 25 - Fascination Station

Day 25 – Someone who fascinates you and why

I’m not really fascinated by one person per say. I’m actually fascinated by people in general. Not one person is the same in this world. 299 more words