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DAY 26: So Much Work! (28 Day Reset)

I am on a very tight time schedule from today to next week sunday. I was at work most of the day today and I didn’t have dinenr, I just snacked here and there. 59 more words


30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 26

Day 26: Favourite Male Protagonist.

This challenge has definitely made it clear just how indecisive I am around this notion of favourites. Choosing one over all the others is actually really hard (and I am dreading Day 30). 206 more words

Camino Day 26: Baamonde to Miraz

The band played on until 4. So, by 8am (the magical hour by which pilgrims must leave), Mikey was slowly trudging out the door.

First stop was clearly coffee and orange juice. 504 more words

Camino De Santiago

Day 26 - Declutter & Donate - 30 Day Waste Reduction Challenge

Today I challenge you to pick one room of your house and start picking through items and objects and declutter what’s accumulated!

Think about what you use on a daily basis, and keep those items. 157 more words

30 Days Wild - Day 26: In the Woods

A day of meetings for me today, but at least one of them was in a woodland on a small reserve where we are looking at some works to rejuvenate a mire that is getting shaded out by… 106 more words

Day 26 - Congratulations 

Congratulations – a word constantly said to me today. It wasn’t an event of saying congratulations, I wasn’t happy about this nor did I want this. 316 more words

The Journey

Day 26 Coneflower Surprise

Today I really wanted to work with the oil pastels again.  Found some pastel paper in my stash and went to work.  Since I’m using a really low grade product I mixed up a 50/50 mixture of thinner and linseed oil to help blend this really dry crumbly medium. 269 more words