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30 Days Wild - Day 26: In the Woods

A day of meetings for me today, but at least one of them was in a woodland on a small reserve where we are looking at some works to rejuvenate a mire that is getting shaded out by… 106 more words

Day 26 - Congratulations 

Congratulations – a word constantly said to me today. It wasn’t an event of saying congratulations, I wasn’t happy about this nor did I want this. 316 more words

The Journey

Day 26 Coneflower Surprise

Today I really wanted to work with the oil pastels again.  Found some pastel paper in my stash and went to work.  Since I’m using a really low grade product I mixed up a 50/50 mixture of thinner and linseed oil to help blend this really dry crumbly medium. 269 more words


An Old Photo of Me...

Day 26 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

For Day 26, I’m supposed to post an old photo of myself. Unfortunately, all the old photos I have are in physical form and not digital. 105 more words

More Chaos

You're doing the best you can! (Day 26)

“I’m doing the best I can; but I can still improve” is a maxim that has been tremendously helpful for managing guilt, regret, shame, self-anger, and a variety of other emotions related to “sub-optimal” performances or decisions. 502 more words

Fly Artist Round-Up: Antonio Ramsey, Blacc Zacc & Brian Angel

The “All Night Long” #funktrap single was written by Antonio Ramsey and Kareem James and produced by Brandon “Monstaa” Brown.

“As soon as I heard the guitar riff that plays the record in, it just felt sexy with that classic throwback feel to it,” mentions Antonio. 303 more words


Making Bands and Moving Forward #100HappyDays

Day 26: The fact that this is Day 26 makes me happy. Y’all remember Making the Band, right?!? Well if not, here’s a fun reminder for you: 351 more words

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