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Day 26: Something You Don't Like

Day 26 of the 30 Day Drawing Challenge: Something You Don’t Like–Celery! I despise celery with a passion! 6 more words


Keep Moving Forward

Going on this journey of finding the Bible talk about being free from fear, not being afraid, not fearing something or someone, has been a tough one. 535 more words

Freedom From Fear

100 Happy Days- Day 26:

Treating Myself!

Today I treated myself to some goodies from The Body Shop. If you’re a regular reader you’ll already know I’m a big fan and a lover of their… 138 more words

100 Happy Days

Day 26 – 92.4Kgs/203.7 Pounds (5.7kgs/12.6 lbs down)

Dear All,

I am down another 300 grams since yesterday. But I fear that tomorrow my weight will go slightly up because, owing to a family friend’s dinner reception, I went on a binge :( I hope I don’t repeat this same mistake tomorrow because there is a similar function again and I tend to let myself loose in such occasions. 108 more words

Weight Management

Field Trip to Gothic area

Day 26

Today my art class went on a field trip to the gothic area in Barcelona. Essentially its the oldest part of town with the super old architecture. 854 more words

Day 26 - Home cooking

Home cooking, especially when one is forced to be indoors, is a great thing. A lovely thing! Photo of the day shows my dinner. Beetroot-halloumi-salad. Excellent taste and I would imagine rather healthy as well.. 8 more words


Anime 30 Day Challenge: Day 26 Of 30

Day 26: Best Anime Fight?

As always there are just way to many fights in anime that I’ve seen to try to narrow it down to one but of course I had to. 106 more words