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Day 271

365-day music challenge: Day 271/365 – A song you consider a guilty pleasure.

Don’t hate me, guys. Here’s the song! What do you guys think? What’s your guilty pleasure? Let me know!


Hammock - Day 27

365 Days of Music Appreciation – Day 27

Style: Ambient, Post-rock
Sometimes it’s all about the music. No agenda’s, not trying to prove anything, just simply laying back and letting the music speak for itself. 184 more words

Music Appreciation

September Blogging Challenge Day 27!

Hello Everyone!

How are you today? I’m doing good and I’m totally ready to face today! Today is the day I love to spend in my jammies and not leave bed. 334 more words


September: Day 27 - If You Want It...Work For It!!

What’s going on today Challengers?!?! Who’s got some awesome Sunday Funday plans?

Before you get to those fun plans…it’s Day 27…and although it’s Sunday…we need to get some work done before we play! 194 more words

Amy's Stuff

Day 27 - What Makes Me Feel Better, Always

I’m a very simple human when I need to feel better. If I’m sad, I follow the steps below…

  1. Take some time away – Sometimes you just need to relax, and not see other humans.
  2. 77 more words
31 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blogging Challenge ♥ Day 27

And the challenge is drawing to a close. Somewhat sad as it’s become such a predictable part of my daily routine. Ha-ha. But I think some of you might be glad to no longer see so much ‘story of my life’ spam on your Google+ feeds. 111 more words



365 photography project – Day 27


365 Project