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May Challenge: Day 27 - For a Nice Booty..

Want a nice booty? Of course you do! No one will ever admit they want a flat sagging butt!

Get to work on Day 27 Challengers…cause the only way to get that nice booty…is to squat! 62 more words

Amy's Stuff

Wings On My Feet

Well, I wrote a whole entry yesterday and then in one spastic click closed the browser instead of hitting publish. So frustrating!

My post yesterday was about the beach and the epiphany I had while basking in the sun and being 100% happy. 176 more words

Sober Thoughts

The Best Lies of Once Upon a Time

There are too many once-upon-a-time’s

for me to believe in fairy tales

The best lies aren’t the ones without evidence

but those that are repeated time and time again… 177 more words


Mind Games Pt. 3

It’s so easy to make me cry

(not that I would let you)

But I’ll stare myself in the mirror, staring long and hard
(long and hard and hard to look at) 96 more words


Day 27 - Last Time I Cried

Last time I cried was just last night. There wasn’t a particular reason. I guess I just haven’t been feeling good lately. Was just felling so alone and lonely and just needed someone to hold me and hug me.   15 more words

The Contest

The moon is too early too eager too ambitious
to get a leg up, a planetary orbit up
on the happy rival: the sun

The blue-orange light with the orb half stuck in it – 221 more words