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30 Day Challenge Day 27 & 28

Day 27 Something You Can’t Leave The House Without
My phone!

Day 28 Something That Makes Me Happy
My family!

Posted from my heart 34 more words

30 Day Challenge, Day 28. Do you wish for anything at 11.11?

Some people believe that 11.11 is magical. It is said that if you note the time is 11.11, it gives you pause for thought. It can indicate that the angels are sending you love. 33 more words
30 Day Challenge

I Need to Catch-Up on All the Things

Blaugust Day 28

The release date for┬áHeart of Thorns, the first expansion for Guild Wars 2, was announced today. While I’m excited, it reminded me how far behind I am on everything. 225 more words


August Challenge: Saturday, Day 28 - Screaming Calories!

Who’s ready to burn some calories today?!?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if calories screamed while we burned them? If we could hear the fat dripping off our body in the form of sweat? 279 more words

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Day 28- M's 31 Days Writing Challenge

List five places I would love to visit and why

With only 3 days left to the end of the challenge, let’s make each day count. 643 more words

31 Days Writing Challenge

Day 28: Laugh Out Loud

Day 28 of the 30 day challenge ask for five things that makes me laugh out loud. Trying to think of just five things that make me laugh is a little impossible because there is a lot of things that make me laugh. 194 more words