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Day 28 - Reminisce

Day 28 – Something that you miss

I miss a lot of things. It’s hard to just pick one but then again I’m a girl so…yeah. 452 more words


I Cry..You Cry...We All Cry

Last Time I Cried:

Sunday March 27, 2016 was the last time I cried. I remember I was making a sandwich and I just started crying because I just felt overwhelmed, life isn’t going the way I thought it would be going right now and I know that its gonna get better , but at that moment I just need to let it out. 93 more words

30 Day Challenge

Day 28

The Mistral Jamboree is officially over now. Aaawwww…

I feed my dergs everyday first thing when I log on. I thought you might like to see their rough diet. 220 more words

Flight Rising

Day 28 -a book set in an Australian place you've visited

The things I didn’t say by kylie fornasier . I have been to the Blue Mountains once or twice before with my family. The book is set in a great place. 23 more words


Bradenton, Florida

Day 28 Greetings from Mixon’s Grove, a Citrus Fruit Farm.      Can’t visit Florida without visiting an Orange Grove. It turns out this is not the harvesting season. 190 more words

Day 28: Flashback

Have you ever met some to whom you felt so connected to? No fussing if they will like you or not, no butterflies making you restless and no sweaty palms for that matter. 339 more words

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