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A Quick Trip to the Bolivian Moon

Starting the day in true Bolivian style I was picked up from my hostel 20 minutes late. The small and crowded minibus then embarked on a drive to Chacaltaya mountain. 536 more words


Whole 30 Observations Day 31

Day 31.  February 3, 2016.  “Deep breathing. And maybe some ice cream.

I’m going to skip the ice cream for now, but I am going to follow the  364 more words


Janathon Day 31 - And this Little Janathoner went Wii all the Way Home!

Whew! I made it, 31 days of exercise and far harder 31 days of blogging!!!

So for the final hurrah I did 30 minute on the Wii as I didn’t use it for the entire of the rest of Janathon! 30 more words


It's all about the balance

Aaaah and I think we’re back to “normal”. Meds have been collected, more importantly they’ve been taken, and I think we’re back on track.

I’ve had an interesting week at work, causing chaos and just generally ruffling a few feathers, but it’s been really good to have something to focus on. 116 more words

Weird quirk of mine.

I am quite a quirky person, not really any one thing defines that, it’s just the way I am.  I asked my daughter this question and she said “your double jointedness.”

So there you have it.

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