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Day 31: Sweet Sweet Victory

I made it!!!!!!

Whole 30 did not destroy me. I feel like a great conquerer. To make it through the entire 30 days without ANY indiscretions is a feeling of true victory. 494 more words


Post Whole 30 Weigh In

WHAT WHAAAAATTTTT! Down 15 pounds so far. Motivated!


Rosebud Challenge Week 5, Day 31 - Sick Again?

Rosabelle and Pawel had a “happy ending” to their night and Rosabelle slept with the happiest look on her face. Today is going to turn out a bit differently than expected. 879 more words

Rosebud Challenge

Every Day in May - 31

Final one, let’s go. Challenge can be found here.

A Vivid Memory

The first time I had to say goodbye to Kyle at an airport, I noticed the freckles on his arms. 175 more words


Day 31

I feel immensely better today! I got a lot of love from my family and friends yesterday. It was much needed. Plus I did some great self care last night and I’m ready for the rest of the week (almost there!). 109 more words


Thursday 2 April 


It all started when it was raining this morning and Tim said, ‘I’m gunna have a chilled out day and get ready for the footy tonight!’ So pumped, so keen – until he flicks through the guide on the remote and CAN’T FIND THE FOOTY!!! 147 more words