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Day 47 #60daystoexamsuccess


To practice and mark 5 Amber rated questions for Group B subjects (one per subject).

Equipment needed:

Group B subject containers.

Green highlighter

Paper… 183 more words

60 Days To Exam Success

Lone Writer's Log Book: Day 47-48, 2017

Thursday, Day 47

  1. Foot was causing a lot of pain yesterday. Couldn’t get a foot doctor anywhere in the city to see me before next Tuesday.
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Lone Writer's Log Book

Week 7: Something fishy

Day 47: Dived off diving blocks

I didn’t learn to swim until I was 9. I spent my early years in Wales where swimming lessons weren’t given much priority. 541 more words


2017: Day 47 of 365 Days

February 16, 2017

Today’s Highlights: The dogs and I got up at 6 AM and went outside to do their bathroom duties. After that, the dogs ate breakfast. 195 more words


Day 47: Studying 3

On the 16th day of New Years, my lover gave to me: some McDonalds :^)! Lol would you believe me if I said I had 3 McChickens, 3 small fries and a 20 piece chicken McNuggets all to myself and I’m still only 145 lb for a 6ft guy? 881 more words


Day 47

November 1, 2016

I am very grateful that I didn’t fall asleep in my religion class this morning. I came close though. I am also grateful that I have survived another month in college and that we’re getting closer to Thanksgiving break.