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Day 47: Studying 3

On the 16th day of New Years, my lover gave to me: some McDonalds :^)! Lol would you believe me if I said I had 3 McChickens, 3 small fries and a 20 piece chicken McNuggets all to myself and I’m still only 145 lb for a 6ft guy? 881 more words


Day 47

November 1, 2016

I am very grateful that I didn’t fall asleep in my religion class this morning. I came close though. I am also grateful that I have survived another month in college and that we’re getting closer to Thanksgiving break.


Blog #40, Day 47.

Tuesday October 11th, 2016 at 10:53 PM.

I just finished answering review questions for my American Politics midterm tomorrow.

Today wasn’t too bad. I had my calculus test, which I think I did pretty terrible on. 519 more words



Day 47, September 7, 2016 @6:49

Voices in the head are quite intrusive.  Mine are.  They tell me this is hard, that is difficult. They tell me after that I should have, could have.   277 more words

100 Sparkly Days of Strictly - Day 47

It’s finally here!

Yes, Strictly is back. Tonight we’ll be eagerly glued to our goggle boxes (with glitterglue of course) watching the Strictly Launch show live. 90 more words

Strictly Come Dancing

100 Days Project: Day 47

Practicing portrait drawing~~

Mads Mikkelsen