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Day 67: Poem

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. February 6, 2017.

So going into today I was honestly worried that things weren’t going to sail smoothly.¬† 842 more words


Day 67

November 30, 2016

I am grateful that I absolutely killed my speech. Everyone was laughing at the jokes I made and I stayed within the time limit.


100 Day Project: Day 67

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you ate plenty of candies (but don’t forget to brush your teeth afterward)/

Seabass' Diary...Day 67...Truth

June 22, 2016-I bit onto Edgardo’s ear with all of my might and we rolled around on the floor as we swapped punches; I delivered a swift left hook to his jaw and pinned him to the ground. 275 more words

Seabass' Diary

Day 67

Day 67: Manga Souko

A hobby I dearly miss is thrift store hunting. I come from a family of bargain hunters so a favorite pastime of ours is finding nifty things from thrift stores. 130 more words

100 Days

Goodbye, Unlucky Lover...

Guess who died this morning during the battles for yesterday?

The guy just has the worst luck. Loses his girlfriend, gets a new one, and then he dies. 8 more words

Flight Rising