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Day 67

April 8, 2015

It’s been a creative lull this week… This was taken on a hike in the Wallowa mountains on a beautiful sunny day.

298 days remaining. 

April 2015

Day 67 - Dinner

Sunday nights are usually dinner with the “kids”. The kids are our son, Adam and his girlfriend, Alicia. Dinner is usually made by Dad and based on what they are craving, but when he is away on business, Mom make reservations :) Typically at a restaurant Dad doesn’t care for but we do. 32 more words

365 Day Challenge

Field trip to Pudding!

Day 67

Wednesday, March 11th

My first class of the day had a field trip to pudding today! Pudding is a cafe that I fell in love with within the first couple of weeks while being here:) Its super unique, all the food tastes amazing (especially the cakes) and the waiters are all super friendly! 609 more words


Day 67

Into the light from the darkness.. The darkness of the winter has finally more or less passed and spring and Light is winning.


Day 67

Today I dressed up for International Women’s Day in an outfit I love, but have never worn in public until now. I love wearing dresses and skirts and makeup, but I’m also really shy. 228 more words


Day 67

365-day music challenge: Day 67/365 – Your least favorite song from a singer turned actor.

I feel like these prompts are getting oddly specific. I mean, I don’t really like most singers that turn into actors. 238 more words


Day 67 - Typical

Oh, for goodness sake,

Why do I always fall ill,

When I don’t need it?

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