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GEAI field trip to Cloughjordan, the eco-village

A few weeks ago a group of GEAI volunteers paid a two-day visit at Ireland’s only eco-village situated at the heart of Cloughjordan, a small town in County Tipperary. 435 more words

Day By Day

New flags for the Guildhall.

Having whinged about the Union flag on Bath’s  Guildhall looking as if it too had suffered cuts l am pleased to see someone has been up on the roof to take look. 83 more words


What's in my Mind, Besides a Tumor

The first time I recall being comforted by God, it was an intellectual decision. I was twenty and living in a section of SanDiego where you couldn’t get a pizza delivered. 815 more words

Personal Journey

Fetomaternal Microchimerism

I read about fetomaternal microchimerism, where fetal cells migrate into the mother during pregnancy. Per NIH, fetomaternal transfer probably occurs in all pregnancies and in humans the fetal cells can persist for decades. 225 more words


#MondayThoughts: For What It Is Worth

You were born with potential.

You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness.

You were born with wings. 289 more words


Lảm nhảm giữa màn đêm

Bài tập thì chất chồng mà mình thì cứ ngồi đây mà thẩn thơ. Nghĩ về điều gì nhỉ? Ha ha, quá nhiều thứ.

Là vì tại sao mình lại cảm thấy cô đơn đến lạc lối như thế này? 681 more words

New Cancer Centre target reached!

Thanks to the help of dedicated supporters, major donors and the goodwill of the public, the minimum £8.5million fundraising target needed for the pioneering new RUH Cancer Centre has been reached. 333 more words