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Taking Care of Yourself

When helping others, we tend to forget about ourselves. Even to the extreme that we neglect to do the basic everyday tasks, we go out of way to please everyone, whatever the outcome to ourselves. 91 more words



Regrets: Yes or No? That is the question you must ask yourself everyday of your life. If the answer is Yes, it is still not too late to reverse the YES. 30 more words

Live To The Full


We come to many crossroads along the way in our life. Many paths to take, but which one? Crossroads that lead to decisions about jobs, marriage and a load more. 160 more words


Going to Church

Mom has not been to church for such a long time. She used to go both Thursday and Sunday every week. But after her hip replacement, she kind of given up going. 110 more words


Me Too

For the past few days, a lot of dear friends have posted #MeToo on Facebook, and shared their stories of sexual assault/harassment. I read them. I grieved with them. 417 more words

Season 2, Episode 2…with bonus material

I recently completed the second round of chemo. This time I felt less fatigue, either because I gave my organs and physiological processes a stern talking to (as in: get your shit together, we have another dozen sessions and I will not tolerate weeks of feeling like crap and unable to get off the couch), or perhaps, I actually administered the appropriate dosage of anti-nausea meds….whatever, this time I felt quite good within a couple of days. 1,412 more words

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