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Dressing for Your Post-Partum Body

Now that a rhythm is being established between me and the little one, I’m motivated to get my body back to the way it was, or better! 427 more words

Day By Day

Here's the 'point' of history!

Wow, that little band of ‘Santa’s helpers’ – who have rallied around to repaint the Stothert and Pitt steam crane at Bath Riverside – are really going up in the world. 256 more words


This Joy I Have: Learning How To Embrace Joy!

There was a song from my childhood that my late cousin Jerry would sing with a wide smile at our little family church in the back woods of Georgia entitled ” This Joy I Have.” The lyrics of the song resonates in my heart as loud as Jerry would sing having our little church moving from side to side clapping in praise. 501 more words



Today I went against my anxiety and attended a Christmas decoration party, where we decorate the lobby of the building. I came sort of late so I missed out on the actual decorating, but they wanted me to stay and be apart of the group. 1,545 more words

Day By Day