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Hotels on the Moon

It’s July now, almost August, actually. Where has the time gone?

Personally, about 20% has been job-hunting, music-making and running. Lots of running. This brings me to the other 80% of my time, which has been spent on my eating disorder. 119 more words

Self Reflection

The Cause of Weariness (Video)

Do you know what the greatest cause of weariness is? It may not be what you expect. Here’s my 2-3 morning thought video from Monday. I forgot to post it then, but thanks to my friends, it had a good reception on Facebook.

Morning Thought

Day 39, Summer 11: Luau

I found out you can let the mayo machine run overnight, so that helps keep up with the supply. Can’t miss out on that 600g per day! 385 more words

Stardew Valley

Il giro di boa

Il giro di boa, il quarto di secolo, 25 anni.

Mancano poco meno di dieci minuti per ufficializzarlo, mancano poco meno di dieci minuti al momento in cui i miei anni, arrotondati per difetto, saranno trenta e non venti. 1,035 more words


Really - section 6 - moving abroad


6. Can you cope with noise?

The Spanish are very noise tolerant. They will not understand if you complain about what they see as routine background noise… 486 more words

Day By Day

sweet date


Jump Jump!!

A bucket of happiness♥️

hand-made heart♥️

Avenue France

Ice-cream Churros

Bukchon bloody-cool noodle, galbi, and dumplings

BMI meeting

Day By Day

Really - section 5 - moving abroad

5. What other things do I need?

Doubtless you are likely to want some form of transport. There are two main ways of tackling this, neither of which is easy…  You can buy a suitable car in the UK ( think 4×4 if you are living out of town) and have it matriculated in Spain. 366 more words

Day By Day