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She often wore her mother’s red heels and walked around the house impatiently waiting to grow into them.


He took a dive into the pool aiming for a gold medal as the fastest free-stroke swimmer at his college, every second counted. 173 more words


my best guess

Is it that life doesn’t worry whether or not it will ever be fully understood? What is life’s greatest concern? Is it the desire to survive long enough to create? 111 more words

Living Life

Knee Deep In Flowers We'll Stray

Have you ever felt dull? The kind of dull that washes away beauty? Most people have. Some people have.

The mood could be described as a  651 more words



I look out of my window and what do I see

A squirrel eating nuts on the deck

just looking at me

I think about his life and I wonder how nice it must be… 72 more words


Getting Lost in Reading and Writing

We’ve all read at least one book that makes us marvel at how writing can be so influential. I’ve often wondered how we can be so emotionally invested in nothing but words printed on crisp paper and then came across an interesting explanation of why we get lost in a book. 712 more words


Keep It Simple.

People dedicated to enjoyment enjoy the moment. Of course they do! They make the most of the moment even when it isn’t enjoyable. They imagine future enjoyment. 730 more words