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World of Dreams.

I was such person who could create a world of her own by day-dreaming for the whole day. But, soon enough, I realised that day-dreaming won’t help me in any way and I stopped doing that. 116 more words

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Jeff Phillips: 66 to the Moon

Today would have been my dad’s 66th birthday. He would have been a year into his retirement, would have written a novel or two, might have invested in some race horses. 870 more words



I hate being infatuated! I’ve been there a couple of times and it is like a drug. I need more and more attention from this person each day to get my fix otherwise I am devastated and depressed. 472 more words


Twelve Dreams of Will (Soon to Occur, in Some Respect)

December 26, 2005  Monday

My imagination of the near future is working over time… my day dreamers, but to paper…

…I throw my seabag into the back of fellow sailor Zeender’s truck, taking a last look at my stranded car and we take off north, to Maryland where Marley is waiting for me, navigating the dense northern Virginia traffic, breezing through the otherwise head-scratching Richmond run-amok.  1,428 more words