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Hey, Daydreamer..Arise

Taking the Initiative Against Daydreaming

Arise, let us go from here. —John 14:31

Daydreaming about something in order to do it properly is right, but daydreaming about it when we should be doing it is wrong. 230 more words

The importance of Imagination

The greatest asset in your life is- Imagination. Without it, you would be like a homeless person sitting on the pavement on a rainy day, like a dying flower without water and the world without sunshine. 498 more words


Unsettling Thoughts

How lame it is to read a line and not guess at its meaning! How boring to see a face which does not hide another beneath it! 40 more words


He Watched Me Like A Hawk

I’m coming off the running track early one morning, when I see a hawk gazing at me from a tree.  He’s huge, with talons that look professionally done by a Romanian woman, possibly called Inga. 272 more words


The East Wind Blows

I closed my eyes as I felt the cold east wind blow against my face. I could feel the sting make my eyes water. The Greek call the east wind Eurus. 1,149 more words

Dreaming about a day on our bikes in the South Egans

August 23, 2015. Camped in the shadow of an old windmill. Long day today, but beautiful and high spirits.

Started pretty early. The storms pushed out the smoke and when we awoke before sunrise all of the mountains around were crystal clear. 706 more words

Overland Passages

Where is your #happy place?

I’ve lived almost my entire life in Rochester, NY. I was actually born there. Moved to Wilton, CT when I was 1 until I was 3 where we moved to Albany, NY where I lived until I was 14. 513 more words

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