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Little Story -day dreaming-

After all, school starts soon“, says Cassidy as we merge into the mass of people in the Grand Central train stop. Like every summer, it’s full of tourist with maps and taking pictures to every thing… to every one. 268 more words


Wisdom Enjoyment

Enjoyment is a kind of longing. We long to enjoy but life gets in the way; yet life – at least, the bits we like –  715 more words


Only a Semester In

Today is everyone’s first day back to college. This would mean it would be my third year in college if I didn’t drop out. I spent more of my time worried about friends during college, only to realize after I left school and moved a town over that friends don’t matter as much as family does. 92 more words


Banish Stress with Enchanted Breaths

Did you ever get in trouble for daydreaming?
Well no more!
As your Enchantress, I give you permission to dream, day or night.
Some of our greatest inspirations come from that space. 60 more words

Enchanted Keys

The Shadowlands

Determined, I want to write pretty, uplifting words. Just as I dream for a pretty uplifting life. The sun shines in my world so that is to be my experience therefore it is my mirror of reflection that I am most qualified to share, right? 1,232 more words


What Is Your Purpose In Life?

I believe that everyone has a dream that they hold onto with such unwavering commitment and faith. As a child, when we wanted something badly enough, whether it was roller blades, a bike, or a new video game system, we held onto that image, that vision of receiving that of what we wanted. 933 more words

Law Of Attraction

What to expect from Varsity life - Stop day dreaming

5 tips for getting through varsitypicture of lecture room Before i began my University or Varsity career I was in high school day dreaming about what this new chapter in my life would be like. 190 more words

Day Dreaming