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Unreal Imaginations

It’s almost impossible to not think of crossing paths with you again.

Hoping to see you while climbing down the stairs of the bridge towards the station where I’m standing while waiting for the train to arrive. 58 more words

Daily Blogs

Hell is...

…waiting for your partner whilst shopping, always in the way of other shoppers, bored stiff, feet aching from standing all day.

Civilisation is as Hell, but with seats. 22 more words


Stagecoach Road

Stagecoach road is a secondary highway that travels parallel to a more heavily travelled highway going from Ottawa, south towards the St. Lawrence.  It ends at Hwy 43, the stretch of road I travelled the other day.  486 more words

An old house in a storm

Grey clouds swarm around the house closing in – flashing arcs of light and clapping thunder rent the dusky evening sky, making the glass in the old steel frame windows shiver in a slight fright. 306 more words


Mind wandering is common during driving

People’s minds wandered a lot in driving simulations mimicking a commute to and from work — but on average, they were only aware of this 65% of the time. 639 more words


Lost In My Head

I realized that I’m a daydreamer and play out my life in my head. I find the real world hard to tolerate.

I have a whole existence in my head that is far better than the reality of my life. 374 more words