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Cloud study

I should name these by number as I am making a number of cloud studies…This one, freshly baked this morning.  I often paint first thing in the day when I am fresh from a good nights dreaming. 45 more words

Imperfect Perfectionist

A perfect book,a perfect journey, a perfect girlfriend, a perfect life is just an illusion that we create in our minds to keep our souls at peace. 484 more words


Green Spaces

Green Spaces
You dream of escape to green spaces
Such beauty drawing you away from the day to day
Such beauty it can take your breath away… 113 more words



Yesterday I saw a sign saying that the Euro lottery was at 15 million euros and I had the most delicious afternoon in my mind when I won that money!   342 more words

Glynis German

Rainy Day Blues 2.0

What the inside of my head looks like today! :) Wishin I was snuggled in bed, but trying to stay motivated through these spring courses. The end is near guys!

Positive Vibes

In the make (Blue Explorer website)

Thought making a website is a difficult job for somebody who doesn’t have an IT background, but with the advance technology and those “IT person” who are very generous and smart, they made our lives become much easier in this world wide web era. 140 more words

Day Dreaming