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The importance of dreaming

A pioneer of american animation industry, Walt Elias Disney said, “If you can dream it, You can do it”

The topic of this article is not the dreams we have during sleep or day dreaming. 376 more words


Sunken ship

Is it possible to save a ship that is sinking?


Is it possible to save a ship that already sunk?

No, the rescued parts become a souvenir of some sort. 125 more words


This Feeling of Loneliness

I wrote a poem in Hindi day before yesterday morning.  This is a rarity for me.  Hindi is not my mother tongue and Hindi grammar,  specially keeping track of the change in gender of the subject / object / verb combination is difficult for me.  247 more words


The Window

He told her he’d be waiting. Whenever she was ready, he would be there. He only knew of a few sure things in life: he had plans, dreams, and she was a central part of both. 614 more words

“Dreaming is free” – Blondie.

By Bernie Bell

Daydreaming….what has happened to daydreaming? Folk spend so much time, staring at their ….gadgets!  What has happened to daydreaming?  I day-dream, a lot.  178 more words


The gentle art of daydreaming

I have always been a dreamer.  Partly it is just noticing the little things, raindrops, shafts of sunlight, dust-motes, the fluttering of leaves, and partly it is being able to go on lovely little travels in my head when there is not much else going on.  1,094 more words


Over, under and gone

Getting over something is always harder for the person doing the getting over than it is for the person wishing they really would. Being under the influence is considered bad. 270 more words

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