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New Pant Suit

It’s around this time of year that I write my Spring Style Inspiration blog post. Usually, the long winter has me day dreaming about gauzy linens and modern pale pastels. 366 more words



Tender, tentative swellings of a feeling I do not want to admit to myself are growing in my stomach.

I sit and stare out the window, fantasizing of touches, of hot breath against my neck and my mouth, and my thighs grow tight in my longing. 12 more words

How do we help children have a good wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a term we hear a lot about for adults and young people, but we don’t hear so much about it for young children. We know that the rates of teenage mental health problems are rising alarmingly, we are aware that children and young people are feeling increasingly stressed and distressed. 857 more words


Saving Fiona

“…and save the princess,” said the old man with the white beard and a pointy nose.

Pranjal puffed his chest out and nodded his head once. 2,905 more words


A Point of View.

Many of us have an opinion, a perception, our own point of view – and of course our view is more right and in many cases holds more merit than someone else’s. 593 more words

Day Dreaming

No friends, no problem??

I am looking for signs that the mental fog that I have been living under is finally dissipating. Today I felt a little sense of relief.  784 more words


As The Land Wept Blood (Part I)

Senior Medical Officer Brian Ambrose eyes burned from the lack of sleep. He looked aimlessly at his hands, his dark skin sore with grazing and bruising down the length of his forearms. 1,592 more words