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Groovy Daydreaming

I am in the process of creating an environment that includes the beach in the front of my new home.  The best way I see for creating this is to see from my eyes what the room would look like and what my view out the window would look like.   59 more words


Fairytale -take 2

The dragon roams a city dead, one never built, words never said. On a far off mountain range to be, far off and distant do you see. 802 more words

Poetry By Me

"....His Lovely... Day Dream"

She entered
His mind like
A day dream
He lost focus
things became
Not as they seem
Neglecting his
She ran off with
His love and


Now that I’m living back with my dad again, I find myself acting like I did in high school. It’s the strangest, most unconscious thing. I’m day dreaming constantly. 127 more words


Tamang Panahon

Ito ako nakaupo lang nakatingala sa langit at nagiisip nang kung anu-ano. Naghihintay na matapos na ang isang araw na parang walang kasigla sigla o baka ako lang ang walang gana. 396 more words

Tamang Panahon

Come fly with me

As a teenager in the late 1960‘s, AGMA loved to go to the airport.

Oh, I wasn’t flying anywhere.  I just liked to walk around and hang out.   740 more words


Composer, Writer, You

When some walk in public, they have a very focused state of presence. They know where they’re going, they know what they’re thinking. What they’re thinking could be anything though; the music they’re listening to, what work they need to do, what bus they need to take. 999 more words

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