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Order Is Restored

Sitting at the enquiry desk I feel a presence. I know it’s there. The building is old, a hundred years maybe more, with large cavernous rooms and stairways, The oldest part of the towns university and where the entrance to its main library is situated. 240 more words


Whirlpool Windchime

The title sounds like a Murakami work , i just tried to amalgamate the foam of the seas with the sonorous metal parts of a wind chime as they played in my head when i was sound asleep, the salt of the seas and the aftertaste of metal parts haunted my pallet as i woke up feeling I wasn’t really sleeping. 182 more words


What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

Hello guys and welcome back!

Today I thought it would be fun to do something a little bit differently! Let’s daydream.

It seems that the jackpots for the lotteries are just getting bigger and bigger lately. 349 more words


'daydreaming on the number 9'

hazy yellow glow
along the linen walls
of a double duvet cave

your breathe
in mine
and eyelashes

to feel
your honey… 14 more words


Why I Want to be Julius Caesar by Bill Storie

Why I Want to be Julius Caesar by Bill Storie

If you could turn the clock back, I mean way back, to any time in history what time would you choose? 734 more words

Quality Of Life

Peering through my window

Broken and bruised from the toils of the world, I peer through my window to see myself playing with my brothers and cousins in the thicket of trees near my home. 554 more words


Who else has Aphantasia? Probably not you!

I was standing in the field which surrounded the school I was working in with two of the fifteen year old girls I had been teaching. 1,202 more words