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Lack of Clarity

Well as usual daydreaming amongst the clouds this is the first of the oil studies that I will do. Lack of Clarity simply refers to the lack of blue sky patches…as in…walking around in a fog. 45 more words

Finding Love in the Air

I originally started writing this 40,000 feet over the Hudson Bay with about six hours left on the flight to Paris from San Francisco airport, and eleven hours before I landed in Beirut. 662 more words

What If

What if,

The sky was liquid,

And I’ve found an inlet?

Would you come swim with me,

Along it?


Passive Pairs

And, tadah, here we sit, happy just being fruit, ready to burst, in fact, with summer sun kissed juiciness, content, we are blessed…

Life Lessons

Failure Through Folly

“Failure through folly,
that’s what I worry about,” I told Molly.
Conjecture on my part
can lead to lecture on his
as he seeks simply to enlighten… 82 more words

Poems By Me

My Noise - Ear Candy

I have found this wonderful free app called My Noise at https://mynoise.net/

I downloaded it onto my phone and it has become a nightly ritual to fall asleep with. 124 more words


"Time Machine" Bring Me To Where I Want To Be, So I Can Be With Thee.

I don’t have many words to say about this song. It’s emotional. Maybe it could use a rewrite, but that is where a good co writer should come in. 346 more words