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Perspective: A Writing Prompt Response

A womans viewpoint:

Sheniah spun once round, falling backwards over the arm of the couch.

Her heart was content. Warm. Filled blissfully with hope.

Allowing herself to remain in the moments of elation, she rested her arm on her brow, watching the ceiling fan spin round and round. 585 more words



Half awake,

Eyes still closed.

Letting last nights dream,

Wash over you.



Today is a pretty average Wednesday in the Dalsgaard-McMahon household.

Josh is at uni and Abby is in pre-school all day. That means I have a whole day alone with Billie, which again means more time to focus on her needs and more opportunity to give her attention and kisses, since there is no threenager going “MUM! 446 more words


What Does Your Brain Do When You Aren’t Focused? It’s Busy!

I’ve been thinking a lot about brains lately. As I’ve been working on the next edition of Creativity in the Classroom, I’ve been reading neurological research about creativity and learning—an interesting challenge, to be sure. 345 more words

Creativity And Learning

The Moon Painting

This is one of my first paintings after 10 years of not picking up a paint brush. Life got busy, and my love for painting was buried away. 90 more words


A World Pippi Likes

About The Ethics of Ms. Longstocking for Bold Day-Dreaming (On the Beauty of Day-Dreaming, Revisited)

Every morning on my way to work I take a local bus to a small town. 1,809 more words


Dreams for Charlotte (A Story)

Charlotte rushed around her empty house. Her roommate having moved out she felt alone. Looking at the mantle with the newly framed wedding photo of her best friend and her new “brother-in-law”, she felt a twinge of jealousy. 853 more words