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Cyber Monday, Little Four Eyes style -- and a giveaway!

Hello! For readers in the U.S., I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and a happy weekend to all! I am so thankful for this community and for all the people who have helped Zoe to see better. 495 more words


2017.11.15 中国式布朗运动


这真也不能全怪开车的素质低下。作为一个不开车的我说句实话,路上的行人和骑脚踏车的素质更低。结果就是你占我的道,我抢你的路,看起来宽敞的马路上没一个 Road User,人人都是 Road Owner,毫无规矩可言。


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Friends with Benefits

Well! It’s been months since the wonderful night that shocked me and ended up breaking my heart. The night where every touch of her against my skin made me aware of my sensations, desires and feelings. 249 more words


2017.10.14 Zone of the Enders HD Collections

The autumn smog of Chengdu has been visibly bad recently so I had plenty of time to clear my game collection. It was Luigi’s Mansion 2 last week, and this week I finally beat Zone of the Enders 1 and 2. 219 more words

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2017.10.05 Luigi’s Mansion 2 Dark Moon




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2017.09.25 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

某前同事是这样评论这款游戏游戏的, “You can tell it’s not as perfect as the games developed by Nintendo. But still, it is a must-play for 3DS.” 也只有在自己亲身体验后,才体会到他指得不完美是什么意思。没有对比就没有伤害,任天堂第一方也忒强大了。


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2017.09.21 Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes Pesto Sauce

Extremely simple and quick pasta dish with strong flavour, and very healthy.

Step 1: Cook pasta in slightly salted boiling water.

Step 2: Ingredients, all straightly go into the blender: 37 more words

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