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Today is Thanksgiving in the US, and so I find myself giving thanks for so many things. In particular:

For colorful glasses

For lenses that can correct vision… 39 more words

Day In, Day Out

Kickstarter anniversary giveaway of the Glasses book!

Edit: The giveaway is now closed.  Thanks to everyone who entered! Congratulations to the winners: Sabrina, Anne W, Anne C, Becky, Meghan, BellyBailout, Elizabeth, Arely, Beth, and cheesecakeguru! 208 more words

Day In, Day Out


And the moon goes away….

Leaving the sun to shine in them faces. Making the earth a sun-filled place.

For a joyful weekend.

Love And Life

Day in Sheraton 

The visual of you smiling to the rain, sitting next to those tall glass panels. With the rain reflecting its soft lights against your face. Kept flashing through my mind. 53 more words

Love And Life


Hello November.

Friday. Saturday. Sunday.

There are some words that are idling in my mind. They will only stay where they are, pacing within its perimeters. 62 more words

Day In. Day Out.

You know your child loves their glasses when...

…you find this in their kindergarten notebook.  (Thanks to Cheryl for sharing!)

Kids With Glasses

Our lines

Lines. Representing various spheres of life.

I looked at them lines and saw our lives. Red and white. You take a pick. Wouldn’t matter. Those lines spoke. 91 more words

Love And Life