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2017.02.21 the Last Mile

Just a few weeks ago I wrote a blog saying we can only hope Ma Yun to revolutionise Singapore’s e-commerce market. This weekend the news came out… 65 more words

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2017.02.14 Kara Kara

公司今晚在上海的一间巴国布衣聚餐,旁边的日本同事感叹道,“我原以为四川料理很辣,原来上海料理更辣,Kara Kara, Hontoni kara。”

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2017.02.06 剁手电商



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Resolution for the new year: get your child's vision checked

As I was reflecting on Zoe’s 9 years in glasses recently, I was thinking about how the importance of early vision exams is still not well known for parents, so I thought I’d offer this suggestion for a New Year’s resolution: if you haven’t had your child’s vision tested, make an appointment to get it tested. 501 more words

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9 years in glasses & why you should get your child's eyes checked

Zoe’s 9 year anniversary of getting her first glasses was at the end of December.  Her Glassesversary, as I like to call it.  At this point, she’s had glasses for 90% of her life — her glasses are so much a normal part of her that it didn’t warrant more than a passing mention, and me asking her for a photo for comparison. 124 more words

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2016.12.28 DQ VI Realms of Revelation

花了54个小时,终于在搬家前一晚把DQ VI打穿了。这是今年搞定的第三部DQ,个人觉得比DQ IV好,比DQ V略差。不论是世界观还是剧情来说都有点复杂冗长,打完后主线剧情什么的都记不连贯了,只是对一个一个的小故事还印象颇深,尤其结尾,哎~


IV, V, VI 连着玩的后果就是经常把小剧情混在一起。手上还有一部IX没玩,看来暂时不会挖坑了。

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