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2018.04.10 Tear Down the Wall!

If we’ve learnt one thing from the Chinese history, it is that you can’t believe a single word from the Communists. You have to look at what they will actually do. 38 more words

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A cat-person's guide to finding glasses that fit your cat

After 10 years of writing about children who wear eyeglasses, I’ve come to the realization that there is a much more pressing need out there:  cats in glasses. 688 more words

Day In, Day Out

Celebrate 10 Years of For Little Eyes!!

March 15th will be the 10th anniversary of this site!  I’m amazed at how much we’ve grown, how many photos and stories and videos and helpful tips have been shared!  171 more words

Day In, Day Out

2018.02.22 这个冬天有点暗





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Discovering PHPV/PFV in our Newborn

Hi For Little Eyes readers!

I’m so happy to introduce myself to such a supportive and helpful group. I’m Kyla, and I run a crafting lifestyle blog at… 771 more words

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2018.01.29 Severed

The best way to describe the game Severed is probably – “Fruit Ninja in the hard mode, with brilliantly designed puzzles and an average storyline”. 252 more words

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Easy DIY Valentines

Jessica Green posted these super cute valentines that she made with her 5 year old daughter.  She graciously gave us permission to share the photos and instructions.  153 more words

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