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Living Amongst the Dead in the Philippines

For many cultures with Latin ties, the dead are not only remembered but celebrated. However, in the Philippines, many families who are very poor and are trying to keep their families as safe as possible have decided to live among the dead. 293 more words


Chupacabras: Morning Hunt

This is an image of El Chupacabras. He is based on the legendary goat sucker of Latin America. Much like Bigfoot he is rarely seen or photographed but known through clues and sightings. 85 more words

Book a Day: Ghosts

As mentioned before, I grabbed a few graphic novels from the library to add to the Book-a-Days, but they are not necessarily the ones from the TBR. 310 more words


Native Dream

This image is an excerpt of a much larger piece. It is based on my Yaqui ancestry. I learned about this part of my heritage about 4-5 years ago from my Maternal Grandfather. 99 more words

In retrospect: Grim Fandango

Even though it was released in 1998, Grim Fandango’s story, humour, and characters ensure it is relevant and entertaining, even if occasionally obtuse puzzles and mechanics can frustrate. 565 more words


Coco (2017)

We did not take J to see Coco (2017) in theaters due to what I can see now was an over-abundance of caution; we were worried the skeletons and general theme of “dead things” would be too scary for him. 964 more words