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quoth the Raven

Or something to that effect.  It’s been a while since I’ve ready Edgar Allen Poe, still his writing does stick with one. 85 more words


Oaxacan Celebrations

Although the timing of our recent stay in Oaxaca didn’t coincide with any of the large festivals that city is famous for, there was no lack of celebratory events. 397 more words


Day of the Dead BB-8, Commission, 2017


Day Of The Dead @MR_CrimeWriter @HoZ_Books #QA

A serial killer. A hero to some. A wanted criminal to others.

The man who calls himself Vindici broke out of prison last year. Now he’s filmed himself torturing and killing paedophiles in Liverpool’s affluent suburbs. 754 more words


Day 11: Weekly Roundup - June 5 - June 11

After making it through my second week of the new format, I think I’ve come up with a way to keep myself sane. The week started on a high point… I then tested my luck by playing a round of Netflix Roulette… and in order to wash that taste out of my mouth, I took a deep-dive into Romero’s classic trilogy. 455 more words

Night Of The Living Dead

Day 10: Classics Revisited - Day of the Dead

After posting on the blog yesterday, I immediately watched the last hour of Day of the Dead. I have a funny history with the last installment of Romero’s classic trilogy. 1,265 more words

Night Of The Living Dead