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H1Z1 Day One Ps4

Today was the Day…

The H1Z1 servers for the Ps4 went live. My friends and I were excited to play this based of the experiences from the PC game. 218 more words

Day One - About Me

Let’s see, a few facts about me:

  • I have always loved to write, but never thought I was any good. I decided to just go with it, because it helps me clear my mind, whether I’m good or not.
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Back in the gym-day one

Today was my first day going back to the gym after a few months off. My first day went well and I want to share my workout and current weight as a starting point. 555 more words

Personal Development

Publication in 20 Days!!

On June 27th, I took my first official step towards publication and exactly 37 days later. I am a published author!!! (I say 20 days because I worked on it for 20 days, so if these were back to back in theory this could have all been done in 20 days, but because of personal things it took me 37 days which is still awesome! 442 more words

Booze Repellent

I have had MANY day 1’s.

This time, unknowingly (until I thought about it writing this post), I have started using sober tools that appeal to the… 443 more words

30 day challenge - Day One

I thought a little “get to know me” challenge would be a good way to get me used posting a bit! So here is day one, have a few very interesting facts about me… and one bonus one: I struggled so much with this one haha! 183 more words