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Day One

I created this blog first and foremost as a place for me to write all my thoughts and feelings…mostly in regards to our ongoing struggle to start a family. 1,350 more words

The Argument for a Digital Diary

I’ve been an avid journal writer for most of my life. I think it’s the narcissist in me, the same one who thought it was a good idea to try my hand at Hollywood, this thought that someday someone would care enough to read what I had written. 666 more words


Snow Day Reading List!

Here we are, day one of the Biannual Bibliothon!  The prompt for today (given by Victoria) is my reading list for a snowy day, which is something I’ve… 517 more words

Starting over

Life never runs out of reminders about how badly we are doing. I mean, just as you step out of your house with what you think to be the best shoe you own, someone goes past you in a shoe that could pay your rent five months over! 305 more words

So this is my first blog post. Like, ever. Growing up I knew a bunch of people with Tumblr accounts. From what I gather, that’s kind of like a blog thing. 128 more words

Day One

a year of simplicity

Here we are. Day one. Well – not really day one. I’ve been trying to simplify my life for a long time.

I’ve recently reframed my definition of simplicity. 188 more words

31 Day Challenge: Day One


I am Marcie.  I am a naturalized citizen, with a lingering immigrant mentality.  I am quickly barreling towards 30… but for all everyone else knows, I am 26 and have been for a couple years now.   489 more words

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