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Here it goes I guess..Who am I?

I feel like I don’t do enough things for myself anymore, so here comes a blog! I don’t know who will read or see this, but honestly it’s more for me than you. 171 more words

Day 18: My First Lecture (Sort Of) & School Dinners

Out of the Frying Pan…

It’s 7.20am. I am fast asleep; happily sacrificing those early-bird hours in favour of the previous night’s ‘Breaking Bad’ binge. I’ll wake around 10am and spend the day prepping for my class tomorrow; my… 1,052 more words

A review of a book wot I rote

My friend, Jeremy Marshall, has review my book at his blog God, Gold and Generals. You can read his full review here.

This is Jeremy’s verdict: 108 more words

September Music 1

For the month of September I am going to choose a piece of music or song and write a poem or alternative version. Jane Dougherty… 53 more words


Being a Christian - the introduction

I have written a book for new believers called ‘Being a Christian’. It is a brief introduction to Christian living. Below is the opening introduction to the book: 547 more words

Progress Made. Day 1.

So what a title, right?? One day of making progress is one day of success if you ask me.

When I first decided to go vegan, my colleagues were convinced that my choice wouldn’t last longer than a week. 315 more words