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Day 0: the beginning

At 11pm on Sunday the 8th of October 2017, I sat on my kitchen floor having spent an hour unsuccessfully searching for a bottle of tequila that my husband had hidden from me. 365 more words


First Day...

It’s amazing what sleep can do for a person! Thinking straight is a biggy! For the folks who realize I am cross-posting, please understand I just don’t want “puppies” to get buried in “other stuff”!   580 more words

Golden Tails

One Day or Day One

Have you made that decision yet?

“One Day” means some day in the future. “One day I’ll visit Spain.” The deeper meaning though is that it’s never going happen; it’s wishful thinking.

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June 11, 2018

Almost two years have passed. Actually, 23 months and 17 days. I thought that every minute that ticked by, every day I put pants on one leg at a time and buttoned them (they became stretchy pants instead of jeans after a while), every grocery trip to the store where I made it through the aisles of over-priced organic products, I was healing. 858 more words


Day 1: Tell us about your world

High waves rose above the cliffs. Wind tore at branches and flung them out to sea. A storm brew but it wasn’t strong enough for the vessels to lift. 380 more words


The Start of My Curly Girl Journey

Childhood: Shampoo and Brush

My whole childhood, I spent hating my hair.

My dad has really frizzy curly hair that he brushed out big to show off in the seventies when it was cool. 770 more words

Daily Life