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I’ve not had a job since finishing high school. I can tell you that this has been well documented with a lack of a transition plan that was perpetuated by the area agency where I used to live. 1,371 more words

Hopeless Autistic

Thoughts on My Group Therapy Experiences

Do you ever feel alone in your experiences? Do you want to share your experiences with a similar population of people? Group therapy might be for you… if you can handle the intensity of it. 1,081 more words


Housing is a Right

So, my day program gets people help with housing–but only if they come on a consistent basis and then fill out the forms on any given day the case manager shows up. 329 more words

Mental Health

Springfield MicroSTEM 8-4: Applied Circuitry

Today, in MircoSTEM, the students examined real circuits in a calculator to see how a calculator functions and explore how numbers are displayed. 45 more words

Summer Programs 2017

Springfield Engineering Explorations 8-4: Rube Goldberg Competition

Today students finished their Rube Goldberg machines, and took turns demonstrating them to the rest of the class! Using the Rube Rubric, each team was evaluated for the competition, and had the opportunity to observe all the different machines that were made. 15 more words

Summer Programs 2017

Springfield STEMvironment 8/4: Air Pollution

Students today worked as scientists working for the environmental protection agency! As agents of the EPA, students collected their particle collectors, and observed the materials that were collected. 63 more words

Summer Programs 2017

Springfield Engineering Explorations 8-3: Racing Against the Sun

Today, our engineers explored how their knowledge could be applied to the real world, by building solar cars! 77 more words

Summer Programs 2017