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Loss of Funding=Loss of Independence for Some?

This week I found an article that was a bit concerning to me. Many efforts have been made to de-institutionalize people with disabilities but this article seems to want to take a step back in time. 372 more words


I was sitting in a restaurant with my very pregnant sister-in-law and Rocket yesterday (The Cheesecake Factory is super kid-friendly, in case you were wondering) when my little guy turned to me, started tickling my chest and yelling “Boobies!” At two, Rocket still nurses every morning and every night (most of the time), and he obviously thinks my boobs belong to him. 3,154 more words


The Arc of the Arts

Austin, Texas

Arc of the Arts is an ambitious studio located in Austin, Texas. They’re a program within The Arc of the Capital Area, which is an affiliate of the National Arc, a non-profit organization with locations throughout the country. 575 more words

Developmental Disability

The VSA North Fourth Art Center

Established 1981 Albuquerque, New Mexico

The VSA North Fourth Art Center has quite a large day habilitation facility located on Fourth Street including traditional, structured visual art classes. 415 more words

Developmental Disability

Make Studio

Established 2010, Baltimore, Maryland

Make Studio is an ambitious little program that originally started in Baltimore with just one artist – they’re presently looking for support to make an important step in their development. 171 more words

Developmental Disability

Adult Day Programs for Alzheimer's or Dementia

These programs are wonderful in most cases. They have activities that help the people remember things. The staff vary from place to place ,so don’t be surprise if you have to try more than one place if your dealing with a parent that’s more difficult than  most. 201 more words


Nevada - Texas

Our tour of America’s Progressive Art Studios has continued eastward from California. During the first week of traveling, the question on our minds following our West Coast experience was  how can these services cope with the Employment First initiative? 629 more words

Developmental Disability