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Black and White Science Fiction Movie Essentials

For some, black and white movies are as distracting and inaccessible as shaky cam action sequences are to me. Older movies present an unfortunate hurdle for certain viewers of all ages. 638 more words

Science Fiction

We live in an era of giant statues, errors and robots

People still get fired for incompetence in this country, right? I mean, it’s difficult for me to believe that given some of these developments:

• This week the U.S. 164 more words


"Klaatu Barada Nikto"

From: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: Klaatu and Helen Benson

The story behind the quote: The quote comes from the 1951The Day The Earth Stood Still. 175 more words


The Earth Stands Still to Hear a Warning

This movie tries not to be melodramatic about it, but the Earth is “standing still”, on pins and needles, and is all ears for what ALIENS have to say.   730 more words

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Alien Invasion: Origins

Aliens have always had a large following among sci-fi fans from every generation to the present. With the “little green men” image conjured from eyewitness testimony of flying saucer sightings in the 1950s, the fear that one day aliens would take over the world came to being. 508 more words

Monday Mayhem

Daily Robot: The Day the Earth Stood Still

A European movie poster for “The Day the Earth Stood Still “ .

Sidetracked by Science

Yep, getting sidetracked already. I was planning to have a quiet, contemplative week. I figured I’d do a bit of meditation, maybe practice some yoga, and I’d definitely light a few candles and burn a little  262 more words

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