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How to Cope up With College Life

Student life is hands-down the most enjoyable phase of a person. Why? Because there is no constant stress of making money in order to survive in the real world, no day-to-day negotiations with various people for payments, and no trying to wake up every Morning knowing that this is just another day where you have to prepare yourself to face the life in all its ugliness. 1,054 more words


Chuck vs. Bryce: Sarah's Choice?

Chuck can be devious.  Take the first season, beginning with The Kiss (E7).  The Kiss takes place in front of Bryce’s life support pod. Chuck and Sarah (and we the viewers) take it to be a bomb and only later does Sarah (and do we) find out otherwise.   1,158 more words

Day To Day Life

What is wrong with my outfit?

Photo by me

I bought the outfit in subject one Saturday afternoon from a woman in a second hand market. It was one of those days when I did not plan to buy anything in particular. 400 more words


A Step In The Right Direction

I went to see The Amazing Dr. A on Monday of last week. I had actually seen him, briefly, the previous week as I was walking along the corridor to the Blood Nurse at the Surgery. 513 more words

Day To Day Life

Don’t Miss Upcoming Events at the Victoria County Historical Society

The Victoria County Historical Society (VCHS) is a non-profit organization designed to increase community awareness and appreciation of the local heritage. And the area has so much history to share! 278 more words


Who I am as a Reader in 500 words or less

I saw this idea on a list of ideas and had to try it. I will break mine down into sections.


I’m an avid reader of historical romance that is addicted to books and loves many authors. 359 more words

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Here it comes again - more introspection

I started this blog post last year and never did get the chance to finish it.

The days have passed since my last post it have been a flurry of activity and a great deal of change and adjusting. 643 more words

Day To Day Life