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At last..!

Well, we’re certainly into 2020 now and it’s only taken about ten months (!), since first launching my blog, to actually make a start… Whether it’s been hesitation, distraction or just plan old procrastination, finally I’m here to publish my first piece. 248 more words


A Fisher Story

It was a warm and sunny day in early summer about 20 years ago. Some of our woods roads were still blocked by trees and tree tops felled by the great ice storm of 1998, and we had worked for several hours, cutting up and removing the debris from one of those roads. 223 more words

Day To Day Life

Red cliffs, white beach

Here’s a splash of colour and snow from yesterday’s sunset:

I took this photo while picking up Marije from work, just above these cliffs :-) 6 more words

Day To Day Life

The good old days

Where have the simpler days gone? The days where you had time for yourself, but in a good way you know. Not when you were dwelling on your own negative thoughts, those days where you weren’t afraid to be by yourself. 82 more words

Day To Day Life

The Dark Night

Nights are weird, it’s where your worst nightmares come and get you. I don’t mean the nightmares that you get while you sleep. I am talking about the nightmares of the worst kind, the ones that you try to run away from all day long, all those thoughts that tend to weigh you down. 64 more words

Day To Day Life

Communication Skills and Being a Participant In The World - An Artists Journey To Life: 837

My eyes got a little heavier this afternoon and I started becoming more spacey and sluggish at the same time. This was after 2 long days of corresponding with clients for the gallery I work with. 964 more words

Have you ever observed why famous entrepreneurs and techies are always in simple clothes? Why Mark Zuckerberg is always seen wearing grey hoodie, why Gary Vaynerchuk is always spotted wearing plain clothes? 625 more words

Day To Day Life