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On Being Present with Fear

“Will I be OK?” he asked, sitting on the edge of the pool.

“Of course! Mommy and Gammy are right here!” To myself I thought, … 717 more words

Day To Day Life

How to keep up with daily meditation

I got this from my therapist. She suggested that I put a star on a calendar when I meditated. This got me thinking. I like stickers – all kinds of goofy stickers. 244 more words

Day To Day Life

My Daily Routine

My day usually starts around 6 am when my daughter wakes up, and doesn’t normally end until around 7:30 pm. During that time I work my butt off trying to keep my baby girl happy fed and entertained, and that is no easy task. 373 more words

The Battle Begins: Skunk Relocation & Demonetized Again

My frustration level has reached the outer limits.  I created a post 7 paragraphs in length and accidentally backed out of it to find all is lost.  1,043 more words

Day To Day Life

A Higher Purpose

What’s going on everyone!! So, this week, I was just thinking on this topic line: There is so much more to Jesus than just being saved from hell. 503 more words


Learning to Love Myself again

So through this whole thing from being pregnant to giving birth to now raising my daughter who is just over a year old, I have struggled with how I feel I look. 363 more words

Our Trip To UNC Chapel Hill

My Experience To Chapel Hill

It is that time of year again, and we are looking back on our annual trip to UNC Chapel Hill. We go every 18 months now and meet with Carter’s brain surgeon that performed the original brain surgeries to remove Carter’s brain tumor when he was two. 774 more words