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Frosty Morning

It seems that winter has made an appearance, here in beautiful Suffolk. Having awoken early and got up to let my two cheeky dogs out into the garden, I was surprised to see the grass in the fields around my cottage were covered in an icey layer. 113 more words

Deano Parsons

The Young and The Old...

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My youngest son got married this weekend. It was a perfect wedding and everyone was very happy. They have been sweethearts since High School, and now they are happily married young newlyweds. 867 more words

Day To Day Life

A New Year, A New Novel

I am going a little bit outside my normal blog routine to talk about the new year of National Novel Writing Month.

I realized today that this is the fourteenth year I will be participating in Nano. 231 more words

Day To Day Life

There's something happening here

But what it is ain’t exactly clear.

Well, if you look at the latest sale at LAX Ammunition, you might consider those words by Buffalo Springfield in the late 1960’s to be very prescient right about now. 81 more words


Gift Baskets for the Holidays...

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Little kids like to count the number of “sleeps” left until they get to something they are looking forward to. 765 more words

Day To Day Life

Scattered thoughts

What should I write? It’s been so long that I have written something. It feels like my writing armour is locked up in a room with no key or a window. 184 more words

Day To Day Life

The Worst Year Ever

As if Donald Trump, with his incompetence, and devisive and bigoted rhetoric, haven’t caused enough problems for the US, a pandemic comes along, ruining the economy, and keeping everyone at home, or wearing masks when venturing outside for the past 7+ months. 248 more words