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The Music Plays

I am tucked in upstairs at 4 pm (the truth is that I haven’t even gotten up today) and the music is playing downstairs. My sweetheart is being his wonderful self, puttering around “his” kitchen and making some dinner. 340 more words

Day To Day Life

A Mountainous Landscape

Phew! What a week I’ve had.

I apologise here and now that this post is not specifically about Fibromyalgia and my experiences of it. I am at a point where the Fibromyalgia has merged with other aspects of my health and wellbeing to such an extent that I am no longer able to distinguish between my symptoms and experience of Fibro, and those associated with other conditions. 621 more words

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Flag Pin, Franklin Bruno (Video)

My friend, Franklin Bruno’s terrific song and amusing video.

Day To Day Life

Self-pity is not a Good Outfit on Anyone

Recently, I felt the urge to talk to a certain beggar I usually see on the main street of my home town. On a hot Saturday morning, after stepping out of the supermarket, I walked over to him and sat next to him. 189 more words


The Best Laid Plans...

My Big Girl Pants went AWOL. I was all set to go on my little expedition, but my body had other ideas. Periodically, my left foot slips over onto the outside edge, making it very difficult and painful to walk. 518 more words

Day To Day Life


When spring awakes, all green and new,
Full of blossoms, turf and dew
Which, though it rains, still grow, accrue;
‘Tis just a season of the soul. 108 more words