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The List and Happy Fourth

I love a list, and it feels so good to put a check mark next to each accomplished task for any given day, but many things have gone unchecked lately. 531 more words

Day To Day


There are too many different ways now to communicate with people. Makes it easier to cheat. Contact people you shouldn’t. It’s not like I wanna know everyone you’re talking to but why do you feel the need to have five different ways of talking to people. 99 more words

High Cliff

Today I spent a really awesome day with my boyfriend. Since we have been dating for a little over two years, I find us often lazy and sitting on the couch watching Parks and Rec or some Grey’s Anatomy. 335 more words

Day To Day

Somehow, Progress

Well, hello again!

This hasn’t happened in a while. Back to back posts? Is that even a thing anymore?

Well, it is today.

I finished reading… 378 more words


What Is It They Say About "No News"?

There’s a saying about “No news” isn’t there? I expect you’ve heard it at some time or another. As with other sayings, it isn’t always correct, although sometimes it is. 98 more words

Day To Day Life

What happens....

What happens on the other side of your affair? You have been unfaithful to your wife, but what have tou done to the people on the other side of your affair? 291 more words


Biting Off More than You can Chew

We had an ambitious list yesterday, but we only checked off about half of the things on it. We went to the dump and dumped a truckload of tree limbs and a few other things. 285 more words

Day To Day