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The Spoken MS Word

For Windows open a Word document, anything with text in it will do. At the top left of the main window, to the right of the save button and the button that looks like a printer, click the small downward facing arrow with a line on top of it. 214 more words

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Birthday Wishes

So, I turned 32 today. Does it even matter? I woke up, too depressed to get out of bed. I actually had to force myself to sit up. 358 more words

Day To Day


For some time now, we’ve noticed that Nat does not really want to touch/play with his toys. Now that he can roll over, he loves tummy time but no matter what is in front of him, he does not really reach out for it, except his favorite ‘ring’ toy which ends up straight in his mouth. 264 more words

Day To Day

First(ish) Time For Everything

Hello! My name is Rachel, and this is my personal blog!

I am planning on using this blog to publish some of my original poetry pieces, as well as a form of public journaling about my day to day life. 112 more words


How does it feel to be you!?

Working on empathy development, we tried on each other’s shoes and completed different physical challenges!  Great way to see how it feels to “walk in somebody else shoes.”

Day To Day

Tuesday in Tübingen

Today we (Jotun and Jimi) attended the second day of the Phylogenetic Methods in Historical Linguistics workshop in Tübingen. We heard several interesting talks on a range of topics, including one from Jotun himself. 869 more words


Diary Entries: #3


It’s easier to walk away, isn’t it? But it feels so wrong. The taste in my mouth isn’t quite rotten, but it isn’t fresh either. 193 more words