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on the way home

Max speed at 45km per hour

and the route

scan of print by Paul Cledan 2012 /

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Snow Pix and Another Boo-Boo

That’s my kitchen sink up there. I couldn’t wait any longer for things to start sprouting, so I bought a rosemary plant a few weeks ago. 504 more words

Day To Day


Sexiness is not something I am comfortable talking about. There, I said it. I really struggle with the idea of sexiness, the idea of someone thinking about my body that way, and especially me thinking of my body that way. 638 more words

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The secret is out

Something transcendent is woven into every single one of our ordinary day to day lives. Every breath, every fiber and every cell is laced with it.


It's true, I breastfed and formula fed.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to share my breastfeeding story, and as I sat there and listened to the other ladies in the room, I couldn’t bring myself to share my story. 3,133 more words


black neon

reading black neon / tony o’neill

organ pipes – linlithgow ?

Day To Day

Thoughts (on travel & European soft drinks)

In the last few weeks I’ve been told I’m a lot of things, ranging from brave to spontaneous, that I would never be inclined to claim myself. 534 more words

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