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A Midday Walk and a Segue

Today, I had awoken a little past 9 in the morning despite putting myself to bed early the night before. After reviewing the morning news on my phone, I got out of bed, and I immediately knew that I could not repeat my feat of running 10 kilometers as I did the day before. 664 more words

The Blue Man Advert

Just wanted to share my recent attempt to make an advert with those who didn’t see it on the AIESEC Bristol page. I’ve used VideoScribe to make it more interesting and simplify creation process. 53 more words


The list. 

When you’re in such a low place you want to end it all you’ve got to remember what you’ve got going for you:

My dog; I love her, she loves me. 72 more words


I try to be organized...

I recently added the todoist web app to my toolkit in order to be more organized in all aspects of my life. While I rejoice in my… 563 more words


Automating your Savings!

I was/am in the process of writing an ebook.  I dunno why.  I just wanted to give it a try.  I let my friend Stan George read it just to get his take on things and he specifically liked an info-graphic I created for that ebook.   178 more words

Day To Day

10/2 Project day and Friday!

For the first project today I took a blank document and started putting a couple of commissions I got from a handful of friends (David Lillie and STJ) and started conglomerating them since they looked nice together and STJ works for Dave part-time as a color blocker alongside her own art stuff. 215 more words


Is your heart haunted?

“He’s going to hit us,” I said calmly. John looked up from his passenger seat and said nothing. 646 more words

Day To Day