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Day 3 - Free Books & Lifetime Movies

I remember when I was a kid, always wanting to be the last one awake at a slumber party. Not because I thought anything bad would happen, but because I didn’t want to miss out on anything good, even if it was just listening to the other girls gossip about which boy was cute. 339 more words


Just a quick update...

Mom and I are happily installed in our new apartment in Tucson, Arizona.  Thus far, it doesn’t seem that different from some of the eastern outlying cities near San Diego, California, which is where we just moved from.   275 more words

Spiritual Outlooks

So, um... My bad

I fell off the wagon, I guess? Both in terms of blogging and in taking my meds for a while so

Severe depression and anxiety and blogging doesn’t mix really… 573 more words

Mental Health

Day 2 - Maybe I'll Just Watch Final Fantasy Cut-Scenes

I was cataloguing the books, movies, and games I’ve purchased recently. It kind of amazes me how much I’ve collected, just in the last couple months alone. 317 more words


Thanksgiving in Retrospect

I’m going to try for the second time to write my day-after Thanksgiving post without being so bleak. Yesterday, my feelings caught me off guard. I usually have such a joyful time at my brother’s, but I found myself feeling a little emotional about how small our group has gotten and how haggard Aunt Ruby looked and the fact that Cassidy Grace has grown little, tiny boobs. 620 more words

Day To Day

Happy "Save a Turkey" Day!

We saved a Turkey yesterday :) but ate a pig…Dean made us a stuffed pork loin for Thanksgiving, it was delicious! Needless to say, I’m thankful for a hubby who likes to make me yummy food, and a mom who brings over half the dinner to our house and a dad who cleans up all our dinner mess! 34 more words

Day To Day