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A Story About Moving Forward

Every morning, I wake up and say a couple of phrases to myself. I found that it was easier to get through my day if I reminded myself that people love me. 1,533 more words


Another Dream, Bathroom Improvements, Eye Doc

H is still sleeping, but he woke long enough to tell me I was laughing in my sleep last night. I was playing ball with a child, but the ball we used was no ordinary ball. 370 more words

Day To Day

01 / 24 / 17

  • Current Mood: DETERMINED! To study and focus on my weak side in terms of nursing theory. Oh my beloved medications! But like I said, I am determined to really focus on those topics *thanks to my friends who gave me some hints because they are already in that institution. 
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Goals Summary wk 3

Hi all!

I worked later than expected today, and just finished dinner with the hubby. It was a good day, but a silent one as far as writing goes. 269 more words


Our Show

This year our Show will be 100 years old and with a bumper gala day hosting as many old and new patrons as ever before to help congratulate the Northampton Agricultural Society and celebrate their achievements as they truly “come of old-age” is planned. 790 more words

Day To Day

23/01/17 - A good old heart to heart. 

Lately I’ve been feeling a little weird about mine and Emilys relationship, this is a feeling that started off a few weeks ago and it’s something that’s been bothering me for a little while. 59 more words

Day To Day Life