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[Spoiler Alert] Let the Etsy countdown begin.

As I mentioned a few posts ago I’m planning on taking the time I have “off work” to make a run at starting my own business, focussing on custom cards, invitations, and stationary, with some forays into accessories. 55 more words


Today at college we started work on dismantling a large fan assembly , it was made up of a motor , Pulley and fan, i was pretty easily constructed mostly just bolted together so taking it apart was pretty easy however we still took our time to make sure that everything was marked up so that it could back together the same way. 237 more words

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Thrift Store Finds

This is one of the reasons I love thrift stores. I found it at my favorite store a while back for $2. The lady at the desk said that someone in the back almost threw it out when it came in that morning. 88 more words

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Days 10-13:Clubbing, Secondhand Shops, Palaces, and Stockholm University

This post is going to be a combination of my last few days in Stockholm since I have been very busy and trying to make the most out of the short time that I have left in Stockholm. 385 more words

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Weekend Review [May 21th, 2016]

This weekend we did a ton of stuff! One of which was going to baby Joshy’s dedication.

But that was on Sunday. Lemme start with Friday.   346 more words

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I was speeding down the freeway, headed to a go-kart driving, laser-tag shooting, pizza place explosion of preteen entertainment. I was late. I was ambivalent. 700 more words

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