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Saturday Mornings

Two weeks ago on Saturday we received The Phone Call. It was a ‘not yet.’ I guess that falls into, better than no, but just as awful. 269 more words

Day To Day

This Is Your Lucky Spring

I literally took only 2 pictures of my daffodils that bloomed this year. This is the better one. It’s not that the flowers weren’t there. They all  came up on schedule and died on schedule but my opportunity to capture hundreds and hundreds of photos was not available to me this spring. 80 more words

Day To Day

Milly's Birthday! 

Yesterday was my eldest dogs birthday, so to celebrate, me and my sister Jess took our dogs on a long walk to the cliffs near my house. 61 more words


Show Me the Money

Yesterday was another irritating day. They’ve actually given me a rash. There’s a fine crop of tiny, itchy, red speckles on my neck. We were led to believe that the proceeds from the sale of our house would be dispersed and transferred yesterday. 279 more words

Day To Day

Business is Booming

When we moved to Hayfield, we were told by many people that we’d get fed up with not being near to many of the amenities we took for granted in Stockport. 402 more words


I Feel a Loser

Why is it that when I spend too long dwelling on the affair person I feel like I lost out to her other guy? Like there was somehow a competition between me at my best and him. 230 more words