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Touching Jellyfish! Aquarium Day

We opted for a semi-local adventure this weekend and took the kids to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. This is definitely a kid-friendly spot, but it also offers plenty of fun for adults (they even have adults only members nights with drinks and entertainment, though we have yet to make it to one). 600 more words


National Museum of the USAF

I’ll be honest, our travel is probably a lot different than most. AJ and I don’t go to resorts or stay in fancy hotels, and we definitely don’t do much relaxing. 590 more words

Giraffe feeding at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

So going to feed the giraffes at Yorkshire Wildlife Park has been on my bucket list for a long time and finally it has been ticked off thanks to an idea by me and one of my best friends. 841 more words


Edinburgh, Scotland

At the time that I’m writing this, I’m back in the States, but I obviously have some catching up to do here. And study abroad withdrawals. 691 more words

Lion's Head Mountain 獅頭山

Lion’s Head Mountain is part of Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area, along with Baqui Mt. (八卦山) in Changhua (彰化) and Li Mt. (梨山) in Taichung (台中). The mountain itself extends from Emei (峨眉), Hsinchu County, the lion’s tail to Nanzhuang (南庄), Miaoli County (苗栗縣), the lion’s head and includes 5 different trails, Shishan Historic trial (獅山古道), Tengping trial (藤坪步道), Shuilian Bridge (水濂橋) trail, Shuilian Cave (水濂洞) trail, and Liuliao Historic trail (六寮古道). 164 more words