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Kept the Flowers.

“All discomfort comes from suppressing your true identity.” — Bryant H. McGill

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Somehow I managed to come across the most distressing topic that I didn’t want to hear about, right in the middle of my second dependency recovery group. 1,330 more words


3 Day Quote Challenge: day two

Several days ago, I reflected on certain people that came into my life for a short duration. As I look back they appeared in my eyes to have been mature individuals of good character, integrity and displayed kindness. 221 more words


#BlurtSelfCareathon - Day 2 - Obstacles

Whether your obstacles are little pebbles on the path or a big old mountain to try and climb or a river that needs swimming across; they all matter and deserved to be talked about. 398 more words


April 11 - Burning Up the Day

The devotional today was almost 500 words. Then, I took care of trash. Showered and headed to my old school for day two of testing. I noted yesterday that we feed those kids who are testing in their rooms. 261 more words

Daily Work

Day Two - voices

Day two and I’m already playing catch-up. Found this one quite hard to get going with, for some reason. I’m afraid I did swerve the challenge of using two different voices, as well, but decided to just get a poem finished and draw a line, so I don’t fall behind at such an early stage! 58 more words

Day Two: Remember

I don’t want to talk about my childhood
I don’t want you to root around inside me
offering up your insights

my anxiety does that so well already. 85 more words


Three Day Quote Challenge. Day Two.

My lovely Blog Sister Ritu has hand me the Three Day Quote Challenge.

So, the rules are

1. Thank the person who nominated you…Thank you… 87 more words