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Day 1001 - #101 Open a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the end of the challenge

So that’s it!  All over for another 2 and a bit years.  The end of the Day Zero Challenge.

I didn’t manage to complete a whopping 35 things on my list.  166 more words

"Let Me 'Splain" (Capsule Wardrobes: Part Two)

The Bite-Sized:

capsule [kap suh l, sool, syool], adj.

11. small and compact.

12. short and concise; brief and summarized:

i.e. Not me on this blog. 1,182 more words

Self Improvement

Phoebe Tries a Trend She Found on Tumblr

My tagline for this post was going to be “In which a blonde procrastinator with a penchant for clutter attempts to get by with only 36 pieces of clothing”. 862 more words

Self Improvement

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
– Chinese proverb

I haven’t taken much steps lately. And I don’t even feel bad about it.

615 more words
Day Zero Project

Side-tracked by goal-setting

Procrastination at its finest, ladies and gents: getting too distracted in other goals that I don’t bother to work on the ones already under my belt. 448 more words


#03. Write a letter about how I think life will look like after this project, put it far away and read it at the end.

I did it! I just wrote my letter to my future self, to open at the end of my Day Zero Project. I kept it short, which is pretty unusual for me. 66 more words

Day Zero Project