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Summer Shredding Challenge 2018 - Day 3 Update - YouTube

Challenge to all and myself. Day 1 Summer shredding series 90 day challenge inspired by Christian Guzman of alpha elite Plan Eat 1 meal a day, 20-22 hour fas… 6 more words

Weekend Guide (23-25 March): Pop Up Cinema, OH! Emerald Hill! Last Weekend!

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The weekend is all about getting woke – from a panel discussion on what it means to be a “dangerous woman” in today’s society, organised by our favourite local indie bookstore BooksActually, to learning more about India’s literary luminary Tagore at the Indian Heritage Centre. 402 more words

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Easier (an acrostic poem)

Every day was hard for Simon

At least he could reward himself with a beer after work

Sitting on his bar stool he raised his glass to no one… 24 more words

Acrostic Poem

Movie Review: Pacific Rim Uprising - a shiny, soulless sequel

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Once more unto the breach: a Pacific Rim sequel has arrived in the hopes of kick-starting a full-fledged franchise. Will this world of giant monsters (Kaiju) and robots (Jaegers) proceed apace with a Guillermo del Toro-shaped void at its centre? 920 more words



After years of hiding

Behind the mountains

My sun


Travelled down that tense river, and

touched Its Ocean