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Journal: Day 11

One week posts seem to be in many ways much nicer:

  1. I have more content to write about.
  2. I get actual progress.
  3. I have more time IRL.
  4. 591 more words

Are You Ready For Some Cuteness?

Today is also the day for the Kitten Bowl (on the Hallmark Channel) and the Puppy Bowl (on AnimalPlanet). Kitten Bowl s on right now, Puppy Bowl starts at 1:30 central US time. 45 more words

evolution! Timelapse

A quick timelapse of a full day from my evolution ‘game’!


Blessed with a difficulty

Today has been a difficult day;
Only in one sense.
Where I live,
There’s been no electricity
Until now;
Many things I would have done, 38 more words

Construction Work... My Day Is Ruined

So I woke up hours ago but I m sick so was lying in bed for a while. All of a sudden I heard this really loud noise coming from outside. 86 more words