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Theme of the Day: Spouse, Significant other, crush, or whomever else keeps your mind winding at night.

Love is tricky. When it really settles in just how difficult it will be to love intentionally, knowing love is not a feeling but a choice and sometimes a difficult one, it can be easy to “back out while you can.” However, we are to be grateful for our loves today. 455 more words


14 Daddy-Daughter Moments That Will Melt Your Heart This Valentine’s

(Source: www.asianmoneyguide.com)

This Valentine’s day, dig out your old photos of daddy daughter moments to share with your dad over a nice dinner for a change. 516 more words

Current Affairs

Tuesday Round Up. Episode 1.

Woke up today before my early alarm.
Tried to go back to sleep but my alarm went off 10 minutes later.
Turned off my alarm and forced myself out of bed. 230 more words

The Founder's Day EPISODE 1

It’s finally here! The highly anticipated, and the most asked for post since the dawn of this website.

(Not really, but might as well talk it up.) 68 more words


❄ snow day ❄

Duke University
Durham, North Carolina

Duke University

Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Duke University

Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Sarah P. Duke Gardens… 13 more words