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proverbial rain

and when my mind folds into the warm dark blue hue
of quiet that lies below the hushed whispers of a morning mist
that grew into clouds, rolling their body over the last few… 67 more words


august 22


day becomes night

resistance useless

Morning Ku

Chances Are, Your Day Has No Hope if You Don't Do This After Waking Up

(Source: www.inc.com)

It’s true–not all of us start out identifying as a morning person. Whereas some of our peers function as early risers, the rest of us hit the snooze button until the very last minute. 413 more words

Money Matters

The “Hi, How’s Your Day Going?” Approach

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Soooo I was lucky enough to get a short work stint in London (long story), and I’ve been here for a couple of weeks.  925 more words

Money Matters

101 Positive Quotes to Help You Look on the Bright Side

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Sometimes, when you need inspiration in your life–whether for love, success, or work–it helps to hear the motivational words that others have shared. 2,091 more words

Money Matters

“Solar Eclipse – Life Moves On”

On the day of a solar eclipse I figured it is a good moment to realize that life goes on with or without us. Each year we are given 365.25 days to make our way around the sun. 229 more words

Blog: Cherish Life Till Death Do Us Part