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Saying hello for the first time...

“The wisest mind has something yet to learn.”
George Santayana

Hello all,

I’m Alex S and this is my first blog ever. Well, if we don’t count all the Instagram posts that I write every time I post a photo there..but yeah, this is the first blog I have ever created and I intend to be as honest as possible for the reasons why I did it.

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Day arrives without anticipations

Till the heart’s desires fill its pockets

With some desires and dreams

Some, more than mere yearnings

Constrained by time, seeks freedom… 48 more words


Un Autre Port Dans la Tempête

Shutter Speed: 1/4096

Aperture: 3.625

ISO: 100

Date Taken: Sep 2, 2017

Date Published: December 10, 2017


Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017- Day 10

On the tenth day of Christmas, Humble Bundle gave to me-

Alright, we get even more games, and boy do they add some variety- today, I got a hybrid strategy horror game, and a 3D platformer I have never heard of! 239 more words


Fourteen episodes

Hating Harvard.  Especially when you realise you have left all the commas out of your references.  And you are already on page seventeen.  And you have to put all the commas in at one in the morning. 22 more words

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