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day 17.

i am grateful for my health. while i am currently under the weather, my general health remains strong and intact.

i am grateful for new opportunities, the fortunes and light they may bring. 86 more words


Winter Wonderland, Christmas and 2016

I won’t say much as I like to keep some things private, but I had the most amazing time at Winter Wonderland, I will attach a video below! 338 more words

19 Days of Thankfulness...Day 17

What’s Up Guys!!

Day 17!! Can you guys believe that I’ve been able to post everyday? I am so happy I pushed myself to do this. 512 more words


Blogmas Days 14-18: Things I love about Christmas, holiday essentials, the best Christmas gift I ever received, my favourite Christmas movies, and my favourite cookie recipe!

Hello everyone!

Whew, we have a lot to cover in today’s post, as I’ve missed quite a few days! I have to admit that I completely forgot about posting over the past few days….it was quite a busy week this past week and I only came to that realization this morning when I went to check my blog and saw that Blogmas day 13 was the last blogmas post I wrote! 612 more words

Day 17

I think I may have hit this one a bit while I was talking about college, and finishing out my semester. There are just 8 days until Christmas, time for family. 108 more words


A War Within My Wardrobe

Is there a war within your wardrobe?

There is definitely one in mine.

My clothes lack harmony,

Like poetic words that do not rhyme.

My shoes are clanging symbols. 639 more words

DAY 17"PAIN" the series

DAY 17

GENESIS 37:23-25

There’s something unique about pains, it should always be the advantage we have over anyone else.

Decide what your pain is used for… 29 more words