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Vanilla Twilight

How happy I was,
on that time of the day,
enjoying the city lights
on a mid-summer night
of May.
But nothing compares
the moment of bliss, … 40 more words


A Violinist


Heart as dead as
the silent night.
A sweet siren
humming inside.
Reminds me of the
ways he had
touched my life.
A philanthropist, and… 43 more words


Day 17- Judgement

Judgement comes so easily. It’s so much easier to judge someone and move on, than to bother thinking about who that person is and what their story might be. 451 more words

Roses and Orchids

The old garden roses
that grows throughout
the spring,
The violet orchids
that blooms throughout
the autumn.
Fascinating yet
brings me back to the
old memories of love. 16 more words


Writing 101 Day 17: Mine Your Own Material

This gave me a good opportunity to merge a few things together to form this post. You see, I’d written something quite early on about Ted and his name, but something never felt quite right about it so it’s sat there ever since being neglected of the publish button (although I’ve now found a recent update has eliminated my trashed folder- never mind!). 412 more words

Blogging U

Wisata Kota Tua Jakarta

24 Januari 2016

Kota Tua Jakarta merupakan wilayah kecil di Jakarta yang dulu disebut Batavia Lama. Wilayah ini memiliki luas 1,3 kilometer persegi melintasi Jakarta Utara… 615 more words


Nutrisi untuk Tumbuh Kembang Optimal bersama dr. Siti Nur Fatimah SpGK

Materi kedua mengenai Nutrisi untuk Tumbuh Kembang Optimal ini dibuka dr. Siti Nur Fatimah dengan mengingatkan kembali mengenai perbedaan antara Pertumbuhan dan Perkembangan. Jika pada… 910 more words