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Daybreaker yoga and party in Philadelphia

You might know Daybreaker parties, they start at 6am in the morning before you go to work and you dance till about 9am. In Philadelphia those… 59 more words


Daybreaker is Coming!


While I had hoped to get Daybreaker out in January, life got in the way.

The book (which includes character art, a four-chapter epilogue, and a 5,000 word bonus scene as well as a 20 page glossary) will be coming out in late February, early March (I am simply waiting on a date from Titcombs Bookshop, which ALWAYS carries signed stock on the shelves). 97 more words

Daybreaker, ground quaker, booty shaker, memory maker

Ironic that I’m writing this post as I’m basically falling asleep, but would you believe I’ve been to Daybreaker TWICE now?

What is Daybreaker, you may ask. 987 more words

5 Ways to Celebrate the Grammys Like a Rock Star

Want to spot a celebrity this weekend? You’re in luck because the Grammy Awards are migrating from California to New York, and the awards will be taking place at… 554 more words

Madison Square Garden

'Mindful Drinking' Is the Latest Health Craze. Here's What It Is

Kate Atkinson was tired of spending her weekends—the only respite from a demanding public relations career and the grind of modern life—hungover. “It’s the ultimate typical Saturday for the working person to wake up feeling foggy and ill,” Atkinson says. 1,496 more words

ROTR Reads - Week of 12.18.17

Been toying with the idea of a weekly newsletter. Starting as a post first. Drawing inspiration here from Tim Ferriss’ 5-Bullet Fridays.


Ads relevant to a viewer or feature people like them capture 3x the attention of the average ad. 854 more words

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Reviews ~ Season Seven, Episode Ten: "A Royal Problem"


Starlight Glimmer gets a surprise when the Cutie Map not only summons her, sending her right to the Royal Palace of Canterlot itself, but her alone. 4,597 more words