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This Gleek Will Always Be a Daydream Believer

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I am a Gleek and  I am not ashamed to admit it.  I totally get sucked into the lives of those glee club members and their fearless leader, Mr. 416 more words

My Take On TV And Media

Daydream Believer

I could hide ‘neath the wings

of the bluebird as she sings

The six o’clock alarm would never ring

Ode to a daydreamer by the gorgeous Davy Jones himself.

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Why 'Daydream Believer'?

Several people have asked me where DAYDREAM BELIEVER got its title, so here’s the story behind it.  DAYDREAM BELIEVER is the title of my heroine Eve’s first and most successful novel (and yes, there’s a little bit of meta-fiction going on here).   247 more words

Daydream Believer?

What are your daydreams telling you? Where do you go when you daydream?

Daydreaming can be good for us and it’s important to listen to your day dreams. 244 more words

Growing Up

Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 3, Episode 19 –Stolen Kisses


Because Joey and the Dawson are going to spend this break at his Auntie’s house. Pacey shows up with this week’s soon-to-be-forgotten extra, Will. 866 more words


2015: The Year of Doing

I’ve spent a long time pondering my career situation but at the same time not really doing a whole lot about it. This is the absolute worst possible strategy as sticking around in a job you’re unhappy in only causes resentment to build up inside. 510 more words