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Mad for Macrame

To know me is to know my obsession with macrame. From accessories to hanging plant holders to my well curated macrame owl collection featured in my laundry room…I am all in! 106 more words


Finding Our Respective Corners

Retirement is a wonderful deserved ending to a job well done. Most people work for this day most of their lives, socking away some extra cash and daydreaming of what will be. 827 more words


To Sing Along-When You Hear Your Favorite Song (20)

As it were-

Thanks to the Monkees, in 1967, we all became a Daydream Believer.



Daydream Believer: 50 Years (Oh My Gosh I'm Old)

Clearly,  I am over-tired and stressed, as I teared up while listening to the surviving members of the Monkees this morning. They were talking about their 50th anniversary tour and still mourning the loss of Davy Jones  – almost 4 years ago – and teared up themselves wondering how they can still sing this song on tour. 78 more words

What's 4 Dinner Solutions

Monkee Monday 2.0: Davy Jones' Locker

Ok so this is like years late but it had to be posted.

Sadly few of this generation would get the reference in the clip to Davy Jones being both the character of the sea and a famous musician. 27 more words

Daydream believer

So it’s he morning after the night before if you will.

I’m STILL Pre-menstrual but i’m feeling sunny and ready to run a mile today (Not that i could run a mile these days if i tried it’d probably kill me for i’m an awful fag ash lil these day’s, awful habit i know but i have been smoking since i was 14, i NEED to stop.) 390 more words