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A Mountain Top of Thoughts

I inhale deeply as I gaze at an image I see every day, except today I am not looking at it, I am looking past it. 362 more words


This is What the Good Life Looks Like

I know it’s good to live in the moment, being thankful for all that you have. But if you had a choice, what might you actually choose? 332 more words


Daily Dose

D-R-A-M-A “Google hires former Samsung VR exec to work on Daydream“ So, going right up against Gear? “Daydream is in many ways throwing a wrench into the VR walled garden Samsung has built for itself alongside Oculus, but mobile VR is largely Google’s platform to lose.” 101 more words

Daily VR Dose

Google hires former Samsung VR exec to work on Daydream @TechCrunch @hirimalibe

Google is forming a rather hefty team within the company to tackle smartphone-based virtual reality. The latest addition to the team is Matt Apfel, a former VP of content strategy for Samsung’s Milk VR (now Samsung VR).

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Whale moans comfort me

I’m caught between eggplant stained hollyhocks and heavily scented phlox. I’m stuck between left and right and skirt around sun middle daisies. Answers evaporate just on the edges of spinning grass blades. 65 more words

Poem And Prose

Food play

One tiny
of blueberries
tickled tender tomatoes;
a rapture occurred …
when essential herbs
coveted the edges
of my simple

* This is what happens when I play with my food.

Poem And Prose

Don't Quit Your Daydream

How many of you have ever been called a dreamer? When you think of that word, dreamer, does it bring with it a negative or a positive connotation? 183 more words