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Classroom daydreams

I sit in my classroom
On the last bench
Sleeping with eyes open
Waiting for school to end

I drift in and out
Of various daydreams… 128 more words


Daydreams and mammaries

There was this one time when Isaac wasn’t watching where he was going and walked straight into the bosom of a lady coming the other way. 373 more words

adventures we dream of

we live in a pretty amazing place. a place with year-round outdoor adventures just waiting to be had. the problem is that we both work long hours and travel frequently for work, so we get outside far less than we’d like to. 495 more words

Early Retirement

Charlie the train

There goes by with its humming call. As the bus he is in crosses the street. The choo chooing train cuts its way through the mist and goes to a journey he would never see. 204 more words


Ramble No.37 - Linkin

In response to my nomination for her in the Daydreamer Awards, Tieganslife has completed the challenge I set her by creating a full character profile for someone she made up on the spot. 625 more words

Anonymous Blog

On the Way - Mock-Up

The deadline is near, but I have no intention of rushing a project that I like. This is why I decided to present a mock-up of what the book could look like. 38 more words



They inhaled, exhaled, ran around foreign countries barefoot and boisterous, skipped over broken glass and jumped off old pontoons into the deep black ocean. They kissed on motorcycles and slept on beaches, they read and yelled and screamed and danced and stayed with the circus and climbed up waterfalls and floated down rivers. 270 more words