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Poem: Nightmares while I Daydream

By: Safiyyah Motaib

nightmares while I daydream
twisting and turning
tangled in white bed sheets
worn by yesterday’s ghost
wanting to frighten me.
It synchronizes its float… 47 more words


Faraway Daydreams 

Image credit: http://juliadavis.deviantart.com/art/Lady-Grey-87548521

Sapphire essence ripples in respite
With ashen puffs of ivory afloat
In ruminatiom of the pond’s birthright.
Its skin, the canvas, slick with thoughts devout… 39 more words


Google's Plotting for the Future of VR

Making things cheap

Google set its plan into motion with the introduction of Google Cardboard. The purpose of Cardboard was not to create a full-blown head set capable of VR. 687 more words

Virtual Reality

Why we shouldn't daydream

Apologies for the delayed posts; I have been lazy to post something on Mondays.

Life paradoxes, we meet again and, it has been a while. 194 more words

Let Yourself Dream BIG...

If I could give you one piece of advice today, the title of this blog post sums it up.  Let yourself dream BIG!  I’m not talking kind of big, or a little big, or big just to the point where it feels attainable….I’m talking REAL BIG!  890 more words

Break Your Limits

I Daydream About You

I daydream about you
covering my body with yours
while bullets
slice through my apartment
or a stampede of wild animals
tears through the town. 89 more words

Lost in Translation: boketto

boketto n. // japanese

gazing vacantly into the distance without really thinking about anything specific

We often call this “dozing off”, or “staring into the distance”. 215 more words