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the urge for a satisfying, 'perfect' picture

Browsing a few years of photos and the collection of my personal “favorites” marked at flickr, there seem to be a few patterns among the pictures that speak most clearly and eloquently to my mind’s eye. 1,220 more words


Construct skyscrapers outlasting the pyramids
Connect the earth and space together
With the pinching of fingers
All in the squinting of the eyes
And the entangling of fantasies
We fly higher than our breaths let us
As our dreams take us to wherever we imagined
Ponder on where to spend reality's dreams next

I hate my CRUSH

I hate my crush….

I hate my crush for always TRESPASSING my daydreams.

I hate my crush for aslo ENTERING MY DREAMS.

I hate my crush for getting my attention always. 228 more words


Daily Poem #8

Daydreams drift around my mind,

Creating realities that paint over the present

And make me want to jump as high as I can

So I can fly after them. 71 more words


Google launches Daydream Impact to provide organizations w/ VR training, equipment rentals

“Dream with your Eyes Open”

One of the frequently cited uses for virtual reality is building empathy by immersing users in the viewpoint of others. Google today is doubling down on that VR use with Daydream Impact — a training program that provides equipment to various organizations. 217 more words


What did you daydream about?

Many of my daydreams revolved around being born to parents who loved and wanted me. I used to watch movies like Mary Poppins, and shows like the Partridge Family, and the Brady Bunch because the children were always happy and cared for. 50 more words


God forgive me

For my little dreams

That keep me from reality

Because I somehow think

They’re better.

But how would I know?

When all I have to show… 83 more words