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The Art of Daydreaming (Pros & Cons)

My most interesting moments often takes place in my head.

I believe it’s because of how reactive the combination of creativity and introversion truly is (yes, I just compared human traits to chemical reactions, deal with it 😝). 776 more words


Puppy Fever (My biological clock is going haywire)

i never dared dream
of having a puppy
because with a puppy,
you know,
you have to teach her everything
you don’t know what will happen… 95 more words


The Veil Lifts

I drew back the curtains and was startled
by a real fairy, dressed in white,
dancing on the chestnut leaves
outside my bedroom window. 140 more words



In the moment we fade, into shadows and dust.
Corroded and broken, like heartache and rust.
For time is motion, both forward and back.
And into the darkness, our minds birth the lack. 73 more words


ZenFone AR - Tango and Daydream together

The ZenFone AR is a potentially very interesting device, combining both Tango for spatial mapping and Daydream capability for VR headset use all in one package. 126 more words

Augmented Reality

another one of those mushy love thingies

i deserve someone that is amazed at the existence of my being,

reminds me of my favorite song,

holds onto me like sand,

with intention and care. 195 more words