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2:7 Sidewalks and Daydreams

People marching.
Dead ends haunt
every street.

Blind eyes
held tight
to nothing
expectations are

Bring forth the nightmares,
Unwilling to give… 15 more words



I noticed I was daydreaming
by the time I reached the spot
where the flowers had carved
their way through the tarmac.
A couple of staples… 14 more words


Desired Future

His kind eyes looked into hers
lashes opening to reveal love and want
He only had to do that once
and the fire caught on… 174 more words



People look out of your window and embrace the last trace of the nature

The growing demand of superficial things and materialistic life is increasing… 99 more words


Sweet Mountain Air

Here in beautiful British Columbia, the mountains are just a short hop away in the car, or if you take a ferry over to Vancouver Island you can see the most amazing scenery.  395 more words


Delusions Vs. Allusions

I am no dreamer

Creating Holland meadows of tulips

out of the daring dandelion growing in the crack in the broken sidewalk

I am no dreamer… 123 more words



If we were together

You would write about my essence and I would write about your soul

I would have you paint with me, only for us to become the messy artwork… 75 more words