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Dark revelations

There is something so wholly comforting about those unexpectedly warm winters days…

Sunday, from experience, has become somewhat of a stereotype, a non- event if you will. 169 more words


wait there

You walk across the room and decades worth of people look at you.

Arms folded not necessarily in judgement.

Your arms are wide open. Then folded to mirror that position you want to assume. 37 more words


Hello Origin, comment allez-vous?

Hello Origin,

Do you remember when we were 15 years old and we ran away to Paris with our best friend at the time? You remember how enchanted we felt?  299 more words



Forgive me for staring
but it’s what I can do
to spend a lifetime with you,
for alone,
that is all I have:



can’t believe it… a girl looks exactly like my classmate on french courses. same name, same personality, same writing style… but i know it’s not her because she doesn’t know how to speak italian…


Cho một "mối tình đầu" tưởng tượng.

Viết ngày 15 tháng 07 năm 2012


Hai năm chín tháng bảy ngày là khoảng thời gian em đã bước ra khỏi cuộc sống của anh. 2,326 more words

First Love