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Galumphing - Carpenter, Cloud, Outer Space - SD

“Hard Hat Dreamer”

He stands on the corner amidst the sea
Watching the people flow down the street
With their tenacity and their gnashing teeth… 181 more words


What Is Impossible?

A few weeks ago while I was at work a few of my co-workers were standing around and conversing about losing weight and dieting. I wasn’t fully involved in their conversation at the time but I didn’t keep myself from listening.  473 more words


Stair-ing at The Sky

I sat there as I felt the textured steel of the steps and warmth from the air vent next to me. The air smelt of detergent intertwined with the scent of grass, as I enjoyed each puff of my cigarette. 367 more words

Splinters and Tetanus

That wagon rolls on. What carries its weight is nothing more than chunks of lumber. Crafted by the scarred hands of age and experience. Functioning as the bearers of life’s weight. 109 more words


The Cigarette Is In My Hand

The cigarette is in my hand.

I continue to lose myself on purpose in my daydreams. I imagine a world where I would have a meaning. 465 more words

The Ergonomic Limousine

This was inspired by a comment from my new friend Stella… This feels like a first draft more than a finished piece, but hope you like it :-) 143 more words


It's Hard

It’s hard not to think of you when my grandmother asks the inevitable question. When she mentions my romantic soul and the old notion of a woman needing a man. 108 more words