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To the girl who... has God sized dreams

Sweet girl, I see you.


Wishing for what could be.

Hoping in something so big.

Imagining about things unknown.

Dreaming dreams so big that… 547 more words


A Daydream Lost

Lost at daybreak
Absorbed in thought.

Lost at the highways
At those streetlights burnt.

Lost at the unload
Across I see; I’m lost.

Lost in the crowd… 37 more words


My Droplet

The droplets are hanging heavy from the spring buds. I lean to get closer. My head is now the center of their orbit. Leaning closely to one especially fat tear, my eyelashes almost touch it and the world is inverted. 137 more words


As we get older people start to look at us funny if we carry on conversations with invisible friends. So we internalize the instinct until our imaginary worlds are fully consolidated as private daydreams, childhood ends.

17 more words


Ein Traum

Ein Mädchen ohne Gesicht

Sie starb in meinen armen

Es musste Liebe Sein

der schmerz Sie sterben zu sehen war dafür zu unerträglich… 142 more words


Episode #21- Dreams do come true...

Growing up, I never knew what I wanted to be career wise. I had friends who knew from a young age that they wanted to be a lawyer or a doctor. 449 more words

Baby Raising