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Aspergers and Lonliness

It was warm, the sky blue as the sea, and the plants were open to us all.

We ran across the park, hid behind trees; one had bark so smooth I hugged it and knew what love meant. 90 more words


2. Being Dr. Dolittle for a Day

Honestly, the number of cats I’ve had as pets is bigger than my age, and I am 21 years old. It doesn’t help that I was sent abroad to study. 1,146 more words


Fly Away

Waiting at train stops

Watching trains wisp by in a blur

I can see their faces

Wishing one of them were mine

A black bird sings… 60 more words


Eto, eto yung mga bagay na hindi ko masabi sayo. Ano nga bang meron ka? Hindi ko na gusto yung nararamdaman ko. When I knew everything, honestly, I didn’t judge you. 190 more words


Bebear Share: Reasons Why I Don't Drive

This is just a list of my excuses for not learning to drive a car. I probably never will learn to. I can just stick to commuting or have my boyfriend drive me. 211 more words



Hello there,

It’s been a few hours, and I’m not feeling much better. I’ve eaten, I’ve played guitar, I’ve listened to music. Usually these things cheer me up, but apparently not. 694 more words

1. Newton’s Law of Karma and Scientist Buddha

I don’t like camping.

I love nature; there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to spend hours by walking on muddy ground, looking for signs of any type of living things from spiders to squirrels, gazing upon the sky through the thick layers of leaves and branches, and getting bitten by all sorts of insects. 1,317 more words