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It feels old here the newnessity has worn off.I know it’s not a word .I’ve been thinking about pen palling for years but first i’d have to find a pen pal and a sane , non violent stalker kind.Somebody who enjoys writing letters and doesn’t want to talk on the internet.But i’d think not ,its better to be safe than sorry.We always have to be looking over our shoulders and over thinking everything.That’s how bad this world has got.Can’t have a pen pal without thinking of freddie vs jason, or a horror movie happening. 258 more words


She Dreams.

There are certain dreams

she has

when she’s awake.

She dreams of a father

and grandfather clock

standing at the end of a long hall… 95 more words

Creative Writing

On the Way - Deviating from the Storyboard

One very useful advice I got from Chris Glynn was to take time getting to know my character. So instead of confining Hadrian into the storyboard box, I decided to draw him in different situations that are so far not featured in the story. 51 more words


If WILL SCARLET … Broke the Economy

A continuation of “If Will Scarlet Took Me Out

Ah, browsing a book store with Will Scarlet… That would be one part potential embarrassment, one part envy over all the books that are on display where my own are not, and the rest of the parts awesome. 789 more words

Fictional Fun

Listening to other peoples experiences of you is important. You can not figure it out all on your own. Especially the dreamers. We dream we’re a certain way and we’re not …