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Dissociation, Daydreaming, and Mind Dump

Already I’ve lost my place and forgotten what I was going to write. As I went to save this as a Word document to my hard drive, I saw some organizing I had to do – files in the wrong folder. 656 more words

About Mental Health

Imran: Dreaming with my eyes open

We are getting ready to welcome our seventh cohort of Northwest Community College Initiative (NWCCI) participants! We recommend they all read Imran Ahmed’s post about how his daydreaming about the United States turned into a reality on the CCI program, his initial culture shock at the start of the program, and what he learned. 980 more words


3 ways daydreaming can make you more productive

Next time you’ve got a complicated problem to solve, and concentrating on it just isn’t getting you anywhere, consider this: Maybe you’re thinking too hard. 492 more words


Morning talk

Hello world and good morning!

It is currently 8:56 in the morning and I’ve been sleepless since 6:50. Why does that always happen? Waking up way too early on your day off. 163 more words


Delhi Diary-"Sophgong". A phantasy

Sometimes I wish I could do something completely different. All day long I imagine I would sit in an office. White would my office be. Plain white would the space be, with white walls and white chairs, a white chaise lounge would stand in the middle of the room. 495 more words