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Holding Hands

When my kids were little holding hands seemed so natural.¬† I didn’t want them running off in public and getting lost and they felt safer close by in crowds. 642 more words


Anywhere but here

Maybe I could save up 10 grand, go back to college and finish my degree.

Drive east until I find that little run-down house on the outskirts of nowhere with a tree out back and sky, sky sky. 172 more words


Above the Clouds

This is just a friendly reminder that it wasn’t that long ago that flying above the clouds was a far-away daydream of the craziest folks rather than the stress-inducing chore so many dread. ¬† 41 more words

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Random Thoughts Daydreaming

I am constantly daydreaming. Endlessly, prolifically, always day dreaming. I regularly get made fun of for being flighty and not paying attention, but the truth is that my daydreaming is a lot more than just spacing out and staring off into the distance. 626 more words

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The hell of "what if"s

I woke up today in the hell of “what if”s that keep flooding my mind from time to time these weeks.

Sometimes it was a picture of myself going to her current city with our mutual friend to catch up and, along the way, learning that she is now single. 222 more words

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I Am a Daydreamer 

Some folks perceive daydreaming to be negative, others positive. What about you?

Well, am unashamed to admit that I am a daydreamer. Nothing wrong about it. 173 more words


California Daydreamin'

Last month, my friend and I took a trip to California. Needless to say, it was more of an adventure than a normal vacation. After booking a discounted flight on Travelocity , (broke girls status), we took a lovely layover flight to SFA. 313 more words