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Duality or madness?

I am legion. So I like to joke when people ask me to describe myself. I love creative writing and have a gift for creating complex characters. 713 more words

Not Exactly Rubik's Cube

For some reason today I resolved to make the perfect Dutchman’s Puzzle block.  Well, it is now 20 to 7 in the evening and I seem to have been making – and unmaking – versions of the Dutchman’s Puzzle… 580 more words

The Rattle Bag

Barely Sleeping Before Work Trip

I got in bed too late and I did not sleep much or that well, and I felt hotter than normal.

I mostly only got low-level sleep with a few short dreams that I kept waking up from, and my mind was mostly focused on checking the time and trying to decide when I should get up to get ready for my work trip. 76 more words

Dream Journal


Sitting and gazing
Patterns in the floor tiles 39 more words


I'm Wishing on a Dream...

In today’s post, I want you–yes you–to take a deep breath, close your eyes, and just day-dream for a minute or two.  Let your imagination take you on a journey that perhaps you haven’t traveled along in many years. 277 more words

Something To Think About

The polymath in early grade school

As the young polymath reaches early grade school, his or her diverse interests begin to coalesce. Certain activities or subjects become compelling. If these don’t mesh with schoolwork, this can cause problems; so it’s important for parents to try to understand what’s going on. 140 more words