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Glow in the Dark, Stars (The Girl Next Door)

I got used to being an only child. What was I going to do about it? Ask my parents to make a new one? I wonder if they had wanted another child, or if I was some sort of mistake? 1,936 more words

Stories - The Girl Next Door


I have a tendency—and I suspect many people do—to let my mind wander in stressful situations to some point at which the situation has been resolved, is over, or can be comfortably ignored. 925 more words



Daydreamers are unique. You can make assumptions about them all you like but they are still unique. They aren’t lazy or bored or not simply paying attention, they are using their heads more than most people are in a single day. 240 more words

My fairy tale: the lesson of the Unicorn

Once upon a time, long long ago, in a far off land, there was a young and unexperienced fairy who seemed to be skilled just in creating mess. 749 more words


Translate Me

There’s a code,

Written into the pieces of me

Mysterious and complex

It speaks in forms unknown

Turning this on, turning that off

Flipping genetic switches at seeming random… 261 more words



The picket fence between me
and the road blends and
culminates with symmetry of
scenery. Not a barrier like
doors – those of different
colors and woodgrains – openings… 75 more words



many days I’ve asked myself,
when will someday come?

daydreaming of a future when
the busyness fades to a hum

days when work and alarms and cars… 69 more words