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no daydreaming

for a couple weeks. Is this a good sign?

Does it mean I am finally content, focus, and inspired by the present that I forget to fantasise the future, the past, and the could have beens? 57 more words

Let your mind wander, it's good for you

In our formative years, you know, elementary, middle, and sometimes high school, there’s something so negative about daydreaming in class. As a kid, and I guess now as an adult (that’s weird to say), I daydream all the time. 219 more words


Fractured Faces

fractured faces barely there

i cannot put my finger on

exactly when or where

did the illness  scar my brain

something’s there but i can’t see it… 34 more words


Taking Time For You

As I said on Friday, you need to slow down. Yes, you. The one reading this right now.

I know sitting at your computer, reading random ramblings on WordPress, doesn’t seem like something you need to slow down from. 636 more words

Life Skills

2015 Lent 11

Jeremiah 1

What would it be like to be called as a prophet?

Today we meet Jeremiah.  We’ve left Moses and the Israelites on the threshold of the Promised Land.  462 more words

Lent 2015

Wanderlust and the Problem with Staying in One Place for Too Long

I’ve been hoping that not too many of you will have noticed, but I’ve got a slight case of writer’s block. Since starting this blog I’ve only had it briefly once before, but that was down to too much travel (my coast-to-coast US trip) and exhaustion from having too much to write about and too many photos to choose from. 1,056 more words

Great Britain