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I day dream so much in class

algoritms….thinking of being Mariah carey

I hope to prove my dad wrong


Mañana voy a la India.

¡India! Todavía no me lo creo. No recuerdo hace cuánto tiempo empecé a escribir mi Bucket List, pero estoy segurísima de que desde entonces el viaje a la India estaba en mi mente.  184 more words

As I Think It...

The Very Merry Otter

On a sweltering June afternoon, a teenage otter wandered around Times Square. He hailed from California’s sprawling suburbs. Armed with a Kodak disposable camera, he endured the extreme humidity and excitedly anticipated a life altering experience. 372 more words

Life Experiences

Inspiration of the day #69

That special moment when the voice of the sea speaks to the soul. When it seems that the whole world suddenly disappeared somewhere – left only you and crystal salt water beneath your feet.


Why Did I Stop Dreaming?

When did I stop dreaming? This question struck me while I was sitting at my desk this morning daydreaming about being a homeowner. Random? Yes, that’s typically how my brain works. 139 more words


Notes on being a Scatterbrain

Sometimes my mind is a mess. Spinning with all sorts of thoughts, memories, images, impressions. If I meditate first thing – I can still find myself in it all. 539 more words



“I was daydreaming in a world that does not stop for you.” – Desiree Maria

Lately, I’ve just been laying back and watching the sun come up and come down. 387 more words

Desiree Maria