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Story Ideas and Techniques

Where do you get ideas for stories? Many of mine come from observations I’ve made and experiences I’ve had. Once in awhile something will just pop into my head. 924 more words


You can call me Gilligan

New York’s sidewalks buzz with an intoxicating energy. Art, skyscrapers penetrating the heavens, dazzling fashion statements, flashing lights and crowds, so many people indulging in infectious stimulation. 457 more words

Life Experiences

Five reasons why introverts are superior

If you are an introvert and someone tells you that you have to get out more or otherwise change your ways, here are five reasons why you should politely ignore this advice and feel quietly superior: 208 more words



I wanted to talk about daydreaming for a second.

I realize that I haven’t made a post in months — and a lot has happened since then — and I plan on making a post about how the move went, what the new neighborhood is like, etc, at another time. 484 more words

Atra Babbles

Wishes of Rain

I climbed the mountain crag to the top

And Lay my head upon its jagged rocks

My gaze absorbed the cotton ball sky

As wisps of clouds danced to my eyes… 94 more words


Hyperphantasia! The Joys of an overactive imagination

I only discovered this recently, that some people can not see images when they read. They call this Aphantasia. I was so upset to learn that so many people miss out on the magic of mental images. 247 more words


You CAN Stop The Signal

Or, at least, I can.


As for the vague Firefly reference, I’ve stopped the signal, sort of, at my house.

Ever since EldestDaughter & Schnicklefritz left last week, my house has been oddly quiet. 298 more words