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Life Is Not...

(Photo Credit: https://kai-ji.deviantart.com/art/Daydreamer-422125480)

Life is not a bed of roses

Nor fragrant with sweetened kisses.

Life is not a game of fantasy

To act like you have taken an ecstasy. 127 more words

English Poems

Top 10 TV Series

One of my favourite things to do in the evening or on rainy days in, (or most days in late pregnancy & with a newborn) is to binge watch a good TV series. 286 more words


Living in Daydreams - Maladaptive Daydreaming Experience

No many people know about this, but all my life, I have been living in two worlds. In the ‘first world’, which some of you refer to the ‘real world’, I might look like an ordinary college girl, a bit shy and awkward but overall, normal. 1,350 more words


Diary of a Self-Consious Dream

If I were not a snowglobe

With water in my hair,

Chastened to the day before me

And bound to a flurry of hope,

We might elope together… 109 more words


By This Time Next Year...

This year, I haven’t set any resolutions, but I have made a list of some of the main things I would like to complete. With a small baby, it’s certainly going to be tough, but I am looking forward to seeing if I can finally check some of these of by this time next year. 195 more words


Miscarriage & Me

As a teenager, I wasn’t like the majority of my friends, I didn’t take childcare as a GCSE, I picked travel and tourism. I didn’t babysit in my free time, my mum worked with children throughout my childhood and although she was amazing and it seemed pretty fun, it was never something which interested me. 1,740 more words


Running Away as a Grown Up Solution

I am regularly tempted to run away. It’s been an impulse much of my life that, more often than not, I’ve managed to resist in the literal sense. 2,550 more words