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Making my heart sing

As grateful in April draws to a close, and mindful May peeks around the corner, I find myself in a curious state of being.

As you may have already picked up from previous blogs, I quite liked to control things/ life/ work – at least I thought I was controlling things somewhat. 411 more words


Back when I was a child, I always get giddy when I see horses and wanted to have one. I even wanted to learn horse riding and train to become a good jockey. 177 more words


A Samurai's way

Source: Image via Pixabay

I love this! The starry background, the silhouette of the tree and the samurai. So dope!

You can’t help but day-dream from this. 915 more words


Getting Praised for Daydreaming

Though, like a lot of writers, I write mostly because I love telling myself stories and getting immersed in worlds of my own creation (otherwise known as ‘daydreaming’), a bonus of making the stories available to others is the feedback. 453 more words

Jo Danilo


Ok, so its been a bit of a day.

Two things frightened me today.  The first thing was my bloody face and the other, which was actually scarier than my face was the thought that I had upset one of the buddies. 1,170 more words

Setting and Moving foundations


My mind caught onto a though in terms of goals. Something we set, strive to reach for.  As we work towards our destinations, our worlds change to accommondate the paths we’ve chosen. 627 more words


Time Away

Setting intentions is the very best way to get your thoughts together, create an action plan and make life work for you.

Setting intentions can sometimes be compared to daydreaming. 327 more words