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Wednesday's Poem: Velveteen

I brought you flowers,

My little rabbit.

I held you close,

My dear.

I made you a little rabbit hole,

filled it with love,

let you go. 10 more words


No Lot Lizards please 

Belly and I were woken up just as our alarm was going off a 2am EST with loud knocking on my door. She immediately sprang to action and her mean bark-howl chased away whoever it was. 682 more words

Drive Day


What do you write when there’s nothing to say?

When you’ve tried to come up with something, anything, and just end up sounding stupid or psycho. 121 more words


Sort of Living Someone Else's Life

There’s a compost heap behind the back shed and a coffee can of scraps on the kitchen counter. This morning, I let the dog out at six and then slept another hour before giving her the AM meds and breakfast. 587 more words


#MyStyleWednesday - Summer baby

As it was my birthday, I of course got lots of lovely things from my wonderful family and friends. Thank you all so very much for your gifts and kind words! 572 more words


Why Do We Daydream? 5 Reasons That Fuel Our Imagination

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I daydream?”

It may seem like a strange question, one that’s no more meaningful than asking, “Why do I breathe air?” or “Why do I sleep?” We commonly take for granted that daydreaming is just something we do – a mere oddity of the human experience. 1,636 more words