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Mr. Bookworm climbs a hill

Hills are a nightmare for cubs (chubby, hairy, thirty to twenty-something gay men). One hill served this bookworm, well. Located in New York City’s Morningside Park, the stairs led to a pot of gold. 487 more words

Life Experiences

A Glimmer

Sometimes, when I allow myself, I think that I catch a glimmer of you..

It’s hardly a sparkle, something that feels like a mistake.

My eyes move too fast one way or I lose my head thinking too far, 192 more words


I'm on my way

I was on the road

Daydreaming away

Clouds collided

From the window

A beautiful

Sunny day

I was on my way

To the love

That I feel… 14 more words


Open Doors Day

LN and I are not particularly traditional people; not in our choices, our lifestyles, or our beliefs.  Therefore, when the upper management at our shitty job decided to arrange an Open Doors Day – to invite all the employees with families to bring their husbands, wives, babies, children, moody teenagers to the office to introduce them to the shitty ways they spend their day – we decided to fuck with it a bit. 258 more words



Ink stains the page,

Reaches to touch you,

I find you hidden between the lines,

Unwritten, unspoken,

Each swirl of every letter,

As my pen glides, 23 more words


Cloud based writing

One morning almost 60 years ago I entered a classroom to write my Grade 11 Composition final exam. I breezed through the first few pages, confident that I understood English grammar. 548 more words


you and me.

I thought of you today when

my mind rested – briefly –

amidst the rush of life.

those moments, of thought, of you

were spattered throughout today… 39 more words