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Two Day Jobs and Not A Single Job

Day Job

The talentless job you’re currently working for just to make money, while in the process of following the career path you are working on and that you actually really want.

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Thought Of The Day

You Are What You Eat Read

At the Day Job I meet a lot of interesting people. And by interesting I mean people who have punchups at the service desk, entitled crusties who bring 60+ items through the 15 or less counter while berating anyone who dares to tell them they can’t do it, and that bloke who always comes in with striped thermals under his  knee-length shorts. 768 more words

A Writer's Life

The Surprises, the Failures, the New Chapters in This Author Life

When I entered the YA world in 2010, with the impending publication of Imaginary Girls (before that I didn’t feel a welcome part of it because my debut was middle-grade), I looked around at all the authors and thought there was one single kind of career to aspire to, the Best Kind, and of course I should be aspiring to it: The full-time writer who publishes a book a year and reaches out with savvy, fun marketing to her fans (ahem, she has… 1,373 more words


Teachers vs. Athletes: the funniest video

Here is the 3 minute Youtube video:
I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was two years old. Maybe even earlier than that – I think I might have come out of the womb with a chalkboard. 129 more words

My Personal Journal

What Jules Bianchi's Death Means To Me

..despite the fact that I have never even aware of his existence before basically the end of it last Saturday.

I was working; yes that’s what I was doing when I come across the sad news of the F1 racer’s unfortunate death. 97 more words


Money Money Money Money....MONEY!

I spent most of my life hustling or making ill-gotten funds through rippin’ and running, scamming and stealing and wheeling and dealing drugs. When I sobered up and got clean off of cornucopia of opiates, copius amounts of crack and vicious amounts of vodka I still tried to do scandalous shit. 211 more words


Journalism and I: A Brief Sexist Shallow Notion

In my current job, everything comes down to how much I could possibly push the words to make a twist in a piece, but not too much to the rate that it’s just simply trashy or even incorrect. 136 more words

Thought Of The Day