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I hate to say this, but I need a little help.

I’ve done well, since I moved and started my new job, of keeping my head just barely above water, financially. I’d even started paying off old debt. 156 more words


It was a good week :)

We were stormed in for the better part of a week. Being your typical introverted author, I loved it. :) A whole week where I didn’t need to go out and wear myself to bit talking to people. 273 more words

Random Weirdness

Dime Novel Snippets: Craft

When you finish a dress and it’s time to hem it, who’s going to know if you use duct tape and who’s going to see the duct tape? 378 more words


Catch Up Time

So it’s been a while – 2 days shy of a full month (one day by the time this posts) since my last post.  Life got busy.  733 more words


Deaf, Actually (An update on my hearing impairment, surgery dates, and options)

Officially, I have moderately-severe/severe bilateral conductive hearing loss*: the bilateral part means it’s in both ears, conductive meaning that my cochlea (the ear nerve) is good, but sound isn’t being conducted to it, and… 1,300 more words


10 Things I Hate Love About You Writing

I don’t say this enough, but I love writing.

It’s sometimes excruciating, often frustrating, and frequently exhausting. And it’s always satisfying.

There are days when I have to scrabble and scratch for every flamin’ word, glaring into the middle distance for inspiration. 800 more words

A Writer's Life

let me tell you where those crappy articles come from

It was only my first day working as an online content creator for a company in the creative industry, not-so-surprisingly.

As I describe it in my personal journal: 338 more words