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He stood there in the morning looking a bit lost. He watched quietly as we went through our Monday morning routine getting rid of garbage, quality control on the systems and just getting used to being at work after the weekend. 620 more words


Melanie Roach of Husk and Floe

I look forward to seeing Melanie Roach’s work pop up on my Instagram feed, and can always tell it’s her art based on the marks and palette. 1,617 more words

Artist Mother

day one hundred and twenty-three

fabulous event
on learning analytics –
thank you, edinburgh

Day 27 NaPoWriMo Bonus Real-Life Haiku

Sparked by a real-life moment today. What a jerk.

hint: My “exCUSE me?”
and you repeating yourself
will get you “that’s RUDE”.

you were more than rude…

34 more words

Cassandra Ott

We’re so pleased to share Cassandra Ott’s colorful work and tips on how creating boundaries and limits for yourself can help defeat the intimidation of the white sheet. 1,478 more words

Artist Mother

Day 19, NaPoWriMo

I was without an idea today at lunch and tonight when I got home so I took a swing at the suggested prompt from NaPoWriMo.net website… 215 more words


Day 14, NaPoWriMo The Black, The White, The Grey

Heard this on the radio on the way home and thought – that’s it. What is going on with this? From Berkshire Employers Focus In On Millennials… 344 more words

Do The Work