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What Jules Bianchi's Death Means To Me

..despite the fact that I have never even aware of his existence before basically the end of it last Saturday.

I was working; yes that’s what I was doing when I come across the sad news of the F1 racer’s unfortunate death. 97 more words


Money Money Money Money....MONEY!

I spent most of my life hustling or making ill-gotten funds through rippin’ and running, scamming and stealing and wheeling and dealing drugs. When I sobered up and got clean off of cornucopia of opiates, copius amounts of crack and vicious amounts of vodka I still tried to do scandalous shit. 211 more words


Journalism and I: A Brief Sexist Shallow Notion

In my current job, everything comes down to how much I could possibly push the words to make a twist in a piece, but not too much to the rate that it’s just simply trashy or even incorrect. 136 more words

Thought Of The Day

Dear heavy-eyed person

Let me start this by saying this is not a rant but merely a statement. I apologize if you are feeling exhausted from all the work you are doing the whole working day and you can’t help but sleep in that cozy bed ignoring the noise you are hearing, shutting off and calming your brain and fly away to imagination land. 507 more words


Don't Quit Your Day Job

Hello my dears,

Some days I have tough days in the office, the rush from meeting to meeting, the water cooler gossip, the constant moving targets and of course ever looming deadlines. 325 more words


The Demise of the 'Shouty' Sales Person

I received a mail from a publishing sales person this week. She was proposing a deal that on the surface, looked like it could be interesting. 351 more words

At Work

Owning Your Title - Who You Are

I am a PA. That is my day job. On my business card, it reads Executive Assistant – so, you could call me an EA too. 136 more words

At Work