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The Best Books For The Best Price

Hello readers!

So I have written about this before, but I have to write about it again, because it is just too good not to learn about. 267 more words


Launching a Business...Baby Steps

Hello readers!

I am writing this post as a novice when it comes to launching a business. You see, I am a born entrepreneur, I love the idea of being my own boss, making my own rules, and helping others. 273 more words

But Ready

Poison ivy, not yet out in leaves, has still broken out on me.
Razed mountains on contaminated wrists and hands.
Just a touch or two, from touching black-coarse-hair-vines gripping pines. 103 more words


To do things like this

The teeth rattling along lower gums were not his. Did not want to be his.
Kept falling greasily from his mouth every loud labored moist throatback chord wiggling breath, until he, exhausted, rolled a big flappy underlip back in curling like a wave, 258 more words


day three hundred and sixty-three

round robin email
highlights father’s shaky grasp
of daughter’s day job

day three hundred and fifty

don’t these men look wise?
never let it be said that
i don’t do my bit

Something Only I Knew?

If you’re like me, you often sneak off to Urban Dictionary and Google to uncover what various shorthand acronyms mean. I usually take a stab at figuring them out myself before looking. 177 more words