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An Off Topic Post On An Off Day

I had a really great blog post scheduled for today. It was about scams that plague the writing world. I also have one more New Year, New Book 2016 Author Highlight as well. 452 more words

Lisa Rydin Erickson

I’m so excited to share this interview with Lisa Rydin Erickson. This interview gives me a lot of hope and inspiration. She has worked full time, raised 2 wonderful now teenagers, found time to create, and found a way to make use of her commute by using her iPad to create digital art in addition to painting and ink. 1,708 more words

Artist Mother

Emily Jamison

Emily Jamison inspires me since she  using her art as a way to help fund an adoption to complete their family. She has a video on her website that talks about the project, and you cannot help but feel your heart swell when you see Emily, her husband and adorable little girl share their story. 1,429 more words

Artist Mother

Heather Kirtland

I love Heather Kirtland’s interview this week because it’s so candid and honest. It’s so good to hear out loud that women are allowed to want time to themselves, even though we may feel that it’s selfish. 1,670 more words

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Jaimie Myers

I had the pleasure of getting to know Jaimie Myers in Caitlin Bacher’s Creative Biz Ladies Facebook Group which connects tons of like minded creative people and is a positive, inspiring and non-spammy group. 1,055 more words

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Never Had a Day Job

By RITCHIE LE   DEC. 21, 2015

It’s that time of year again, winter break. The once idle pitter-patter of students walking to school has been replaced by rain and the howl of winter-winds. 375 more words