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Excited to work on our business this week-end!

In a few of my journal entries, I complained about not being able to work, due to excessive amount of medication. These last two years have been particularly difficult in that respect, and if you saw my laptop, you would see how messy my desktop is. 90 more words

My Personal Journal

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

And there’s my favorite mute masked maniac.  Because Michael is better than Jason or Leatherface in all the ways that count.  (Freddie isn’t mute, that’s why he’s not up there.) 219 more words

How they see us

Good evening, Kathy. It’s Saturday. WEIRD!!!! Thanks Blogtober.

I had a hilarious and thought provoking conversation yesterday.
I am teaching a year-long workshop to the teenagers called How To Adult. 668 more words

Real Life

Quick update before I go do the #dayjob

I finished the Alten racial profiles last night.  Yes, it reads sort of like D&D Monster Manual entries.  No, I’m not planning on changing that.  Mainly because that page is meant to just give a basic overview of the races, not an in depth profile of them.  166 more words

Two Day Jobs and Not A Single Job

Day Job

The talentless job you’re currently working for just to make money, while in the process of following the career path you are working on and that you actually really want.

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Thought Of The Day

You Are What You Eat Read

At the Day Job I meet a lot of interesting people. And by interesting I mean people who have punchups at the service desk, entitled crusties who bring 60+ items through the 15 or less counter while berating anyone who dares to tell them they can’t do it, and that bloke who always comes in with striped thermals under his  knee-length shorts. 768 more words

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