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Essay: On Getting Out There

Without a particular event on the horizon, without adequate daylight to do something randonnuer- related, and without a stable holiday schedule, getting any ride in can be difficult. 380 more words


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As November rolls around, Americans all start thinking about turkey.

I start thinking about turkey too, sort of. But the turkey I’m thinking about is the one I’m going to stuff and eat for Christmas. 1,380 more words


From dark to light

Daylight saving turns

The dimmer knob of the day,

And the afternoons are cut short.

Dusk chases my children in.

They stare through

windows at the settling gloom. 145 more words


Saving Daylight

This is amazing on so many levels. I know we’re a few weeks past daylight saving time ending, but it’s still worth watching.

Just Being Silly

Waiting For A Plane XII - What Time Is It?

I have rarely been more confused‎. I spent almost half a day uncertain what time it was. The Internet let me down, which just goes to show you can’t always ‎trust what you see online. 548 more words


The Daylight Saving Song

As I set my clock back on November 1st, it occurred to me that Daylight Saving time does not get the credit it deserves. In the fall, we set our clocks back an hour, essentially gaining an extra hour to do whatever we want, whether it be sleeping in, staying out later, or using the loophole to murder someone at 1am and then getting a receipt from McDonalds on the other side of town that gives you an alibi for that same time. 593 more words