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Daylight Saving Time

The suggestion to save daylight makes daylight saving time an attractive proposition. If you have lived, as I have, at 60°N, you would certainly be partial towards a possibility to take some of the ample daylight going to waste as you sleep in summer and apportion it to the those dreary, dark hours in winter before and after work. 3,928 more words


Lawmakers Introduce Bill To End Daylight Saving Time In Michigan

LANSING (WWJ) –  On their first day in the new legislative session in Lansing, a group of state house lawmakers introduced a bill to end Daylight Saving Time in Michigan. 165 more words


Massachusetts Commission To Explore Changing Time Zones

BOSTON (CBS) – Imagine driving from New Hampshire into Massachusetts and when you cross the border, you have to reset your watch and the clock on your phone. 191 more words


Colby Cosh: Spring forward, fall back ... screw up? Reconsidering Alberta's clock revolt

Oh, sure, Alberta may look like a politically divided province. There’s a New Democratic government in office, driving the national agenda on carbon taxation, but it is despised by farmers and by tradesmen from the oilpatch. 853 more words

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Get rid of daylight saving time switch? Alberta MLA pushing for referendum

In the time since Vermillion-Lloydminster MLA Richard Starke tabled a petition Tuesday in the legislature calling for Alberta to stick with daylight saving time year round, the PC MLA gotten support from some unlikely supporters. 634 more words


Daylight Saving Time - Whys And Why Nots

We recently went through our twice yearly period of communal venting called adjusting for daylight saving time (DST), or British Summer Time (BST) as it’s called in the UK. 1,779 more words


Monday Morning Grievance: Did Daylight Saving Mess Up My New Years' Resolution?

Just when I thought dealing with the time change was over and done until Spring, this happens. I am not happy.

It’s Monday morning & I haven’t had my coffee. 296 more words

Monday Morning Grievance