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It's Time to End Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time (yes, without an ‘s’) is the exact opposite of what comes to mind for a raging debate. Nonetheless, it’s still an important topic for discussion. 650 more words

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The placebo effect

I often wonder why relationships don’t remain the same? Why does love and affection fall prey to the viccissitudes of time? We spend our lives nurturing a relationship,building it brick by br…

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Update and other news

To start off with, we now have 317 signatures on our petition! Thank you so much to everyone who has signed and supported us! If you haven’t signed yet, head on over to… 299 more words

Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time

It’s Daylight Saving Time. Just “saving”—with no “s” at the end.

Savings refers to money most of the time, and this changing of the clocks isn’t about money (except perhaps indirectly). 26 more words

Irma. Maria. Harvey. Retired Hurricane Names.

A report by Paul Sciccitano for Patch. Irma sucker punched Florida. Harvey kicked Texas in the gut and Maria knocked Puerto Rico to its knees. But, at least, we won’t be seeing any more of th… 9 more words


An update on the letter writing campaign

Not too many people took part in our letter writing campaign, but I sent emails to the three candidates that are running in my riding for MPP (Lisa MacLeod for the PCs, James O’Grady for the Greens, and Lovina Srivastava for the Liberals), as well as the NDP leader (Andrea Horwath), PC leader (Doug Ford), and Liberal leader (Kathleen Wynne). 178 more words

Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time and the economy

The farmers didn’t want anything to do with Daylight Saving Time! Why?

If you believe that the farmers want Daylight Saving Time, or that we do this for farmers, you aren’t alone. 879 more words

Daylight Saving Time