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Rejected And Accepted

It s been one of those days that get my brain all confused. I was supposed to start a partial hospitalization program today as part of my transition back from inpatient especially since my therapist is out of town for the next two weeks. 59 more words

Pregnant - Update

The past few days have been a r.ollercoaster ride. The father has gone back and forth between being supportive and caring to being downright vicious. Today we were in the taxi on our way to a clinic to get an ultrasound and he began tellng me about some Facebook post he wrote about a fellow hostel guest s sexual exploits (he has been living in a hostel while I live in my own apt . 30 more words

7 μέρες - 7 δημιουργικές στιγμές

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Από τις πιο δύσκολες, για πολλούς, μέρες της εβδομάδας. Είναι η μέρα που συμβαίνουν πολλά περίεργα πράγματα μαζί: δεν ξυπνάς, δεν θέλεις να πας δουλειά, δεν έχεις τι να φορέσεις, σου σπάει η μάσκαρα, χάνεις το λεωφορείο, μπαίνει ελεγκτής, σου χύνεται ο καφές, 150 mail στη δουλειά, 9 μ.μ. 139 more words

Special K

Rough Couple Days

It has been a tough couple days. It s been so hard to be at work. My coworker who I have worked with for the past 10 years is on his death bed. 82 more words

Severe Panic/flashbacks After 3 Successful Days???

is this typical? i had anxiety preceding this weekend meeting my partner s mother during her weekend visit. turns out the weekend was wonderful, she was so loving and gentle and kind and actually healing. 66 more words


The last mile is the longest, similarly the last leg of this 100 days of scribbling seems to have been the toughest, The mind and heart have struggled to put together a coherent post worthy to be added to the blog. 613 more words


Sick Days

We’ve all been sick before. Some worse than others even.

I’m sure when you guys were little, you had those sick days were you just couldn’t get out of bed and you had those headaches that hurt so much that you feel like someone was pounding your head against a wall. 382 more words

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