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Beauty | Estee Lauder Daywear gift set review

Quite a while ago I went onto twitter desperate for help! My skin was not coping with the bad weather or to be quite honest the insanity which accompanies wedding planning. 363 more words

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15˚-21˚C, Comfy look for a long day

15˚-21˚C, Comfy look for a long day

Today’s inspiration is Hilary Duff and this comfy, sporty and casual look.

The yoga pants with sneakers and flannelette around the waist is a look I’ve seen with a few celebrities. 213 more words

35˚C, Humid, Light Breeze

So Summer may be over, but today was HOT. To top it off, we’ve got a few more hot days coming over the next couple of weeks. 281 more words

33˚C, Sunshine & Windy

On hot sunny days, it’s important to stay protected from the sun. This outfit ensures that you’re legs, neck and shoulders are covered. I wore this out for lunch, but it’s a versatile outfit you can wear to work, shopping etc etc. 302 more words

0˚C, Snowing, indoor & outdoor wear

Unless you are on top of a mountain, in Australia it’s unlikely to hit 0˚ or below. BUT, this blog can be read worldwide, and potentially there will be readers who live in sub-zero temperatures on a day to day basis. 694 more words

15˚C, no rain. Autumn day outfit.

Autumn is only a week away here in Australia, and it won’t be long before the temperature drops! I hope you like this outfit.

Today’s inspiration is the one and only Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella). 488 more words