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Welcome to YES-vember! And Introducing Dayzee!


I’ve been back from the desert since October 7. I returned to NYC this past Tuesday. The interim days were spent resting and recovering (and unpacking and packing) in San Rafael with my parents. 626 more words



Since moving back to the Evergreen State, we have made many trips back home to see my parents and now that my mom’s back is healing from her surgery, they have made a few trips to our new house.   854 more words

Conked out Corgi!

Gwen and I were fortunate enough to be able to go visit my parents for the long weekend.  I slept on an air mattress and Gwen slept wherever she felt like it — mainly in or under my parents’ bed.   147 more words

The Corgpedo!

I said in a brief post the other day that Gwen was going to get “Swimming Lessons.”  Here is the story of that; but first let me back up and tell you how we ended up getting signed up for that in the first place!   1,130 more words


This is another post that has taken me ages to write.  Started during my lazy block and finishing it now. :)

Gwen must be my lucky charm!   247 more words

Couch Potato

Gwen is the epitome of couch potato.  She may be a busy and active little Corgi puppy but she is also a big couch potato. 444 more words

for @LaBar89 ... pictures from our Dayzee walk :)

Enjoyed a nice stroll with Sean since he was here for Thanksigiving.  It was his first time walking Dayzee… and we were blessed with beautiful weather for the event. 13 more words

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