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ALM DOs & DON'Ts - Database source control

Every application needs to store its data. A (relational) database is the most common choice in many situations. Like every other component of our software project, a database schema must be managed with a version control system. 70 more words


Turkey's Economy by the Numbers, With US and European Exposure

It was not that long ago that the economic meltdowns taking place in Greece and Cyprus dominated the headlines. And no one should have forgotten about the “PIIGS” analogy for the major economic problems in Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain. 972 more words


(August 10, 2018): Fellowship - Muthafunker

From the a-side of the 1999 single Muthafunker / Interchange. Fellowship (Darren Hickey) was an early Drum & Bass producer, going back to 1993. For the next decaded, Hickey released well over 100 singles, covering a musical genres ranging from Drum & Bass through to Deep House and Techno.


MySQL - Cara Login dengan Command Line


MySQL adalah sebuah perangkat lunak sistem manajemen basis data relasional (RDBMS, Bahasa Inggris: Relational Database Management System).

MySQL dapat dijalankan menggunakan command line… 106 more words


simdb a simple json db in GO

Some days ago I decided to learn GO. GO is pretty easy to learn and could learn syntax and semantics in couple of hours. To completely learn a language I normally write a small app in that language. 670 more words


Mastering database migrations scripts with VSTS

During the lifecycle of our applications it’s very likely that to support new functionalities we need to modify the structure of our database. In this particular post I mean a relational database. 1,141 more words