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Top DBA Shell Scripts for Monitoring the Database

This article focuses on the DBA’s daily responsibilities for monitoring  Oracle databases and provides tips and techniques on how DBAs can turn their  manual, reactive monitoring activities into a set of proactive shell scripts.  374 more words


#0387 - SQL Server - Script to find source backups used in a database restore

In our development environment, we frequently refresh our databases from various baseline backup sets for each sprint of the product development cycle. During one such sprint, we had a confusion as  to which backup was used to refresh the database. 455 more words


Tutorial: How to get SQL Server to send an email notification when disk space is low.

Firstly let me acknowledge a few points worth nothing:

  • Disk space monitoring should be performed by enterprise quality network monitoring software. (And yes these are often very expensive)
  • 1,697 more words

Empire: 310 BC - 301 BC

We have just completed the second turn in our Empire Campaign campaign, which covers the period from 310 BC to 301 BC. The following should provide a brief overview of the events as they unfolded. 1,544 more words


11 years of PASS Summit

This is a story of my 11-year association with PASS, and the many ways it helped me grow as a person and in my career. 977 more words

Professional Growth

#0386 - SQL Server - Cursor Scope - A cursor with the name 'cursor name' does not exist.; Msg 16916

It’s a well-known fact that using T-SQL cursors have a significant overhead on the query performance. At the same time, there are applications where one simply cannot use a set-based approach and use T-SQL cursors. 1,141 more words


Hip Surgeries

This post is about my two hip surgeries after my stem cell transplant.
For those who don’t know and I realised I didn’t say what it was in the video, 55 more words