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Postgres : Convert entire row to text with type conversion

One of the neat ways you can use postgres type conversion is to display an entire row in a format suitable for using in a subsequent insert etc.   194 more words

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Instalando SQL Server on RedHat Enterprise Linux

Con la liberación de SQL Server vNext CTP1 (Community Tecnology Preview)  después del 18 de Noviembre del 2016, también se liberó la posibilidad de poder instalar SQL Server sobre el sistema operativo de Linux, las versiones que están soportadas por el momento son: 1,246 more words

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SQLServer on Ubuntu Restore Tests

Just for fun I decided to test how portable backup files made on the Windows version of SQLServer restore into the Linux version of SQLServer.  I used the wizard built in to my SQL2016 SSMS software connected to the Linux version running on Ubuntu 16 on Amazon EC to run the restore.   156 more words

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SQLServer Running On Ubuntu

So its official.  SQLServer does in fact install on linux and at first pass works.   I just spun up a Ubuntu 16 instance on Amazon EC.   2,461 more words

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Automatic Startup of Postgres 9.4 on SUSE 12

For whatever reason after installing postgres9.4 via zypper on a SUSE 12 instance I had just spun up in the amazon EC cloud postgres would not automatically start at boot time. 163 more words

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Views & Mismatched Datatypes

Allow me a short revisit to the previous topic, because this example came from “real life” in my actual job in a production environment, and I wanted to share.   661 more words


Informal DBA Day this Saturday

There will be the usual Informal DBA Day this Saturday, 26 November 2016.

Although this will be an excellent opportunity to try out an army for next month’s… 14 more words