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Sending Trevor love...

As some of you may be aware – fellow SQL family member, PASS Director, SQL Server MVP, founder of SQL Cruise and a good friend to many of us – Tim Ford – has a young son Trevor Ford who was recently diagnosed with a rare allergic drug reaction called Steven-Johnsons syndrome. 232 more words


Oracle - Checking LOB Segment Usage

In oracle Lob datatype is stored as a separate segment. If your table consist any LOB datatype then its usage will not be displayed under  table usage data. 90 more words


Oracle - Viewing Foreign Key Mappings

Following command can be used to view all primary to foreign key mappings under given User’s schema. Please provide correct User name in the below query. 167 more words


How to Find SQL Server Version from SSMS

To find what type SQL Server version currently used in our machine.

Using SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS).

step1: Open SSMS (Press Ctrl+R and type ssms it will open ssms studio) and connect or login into ssms through any login account either windows or sql server. 35 more words


How to identify the location of the SQL Server Error Log file

So you want to find out where the SQL Server Error Log file is located for a specific SQL Server instance?

The Error Log is a great place to start tracking down reasons why SQL Server might be experiencing problems. 169 more words

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#0391 - SQL Server - SSIS - OLE DB Destination - Table Fast Load - Performance - Table Lock option

Developing SSIS packages is quite easy – it’s mostly drag and drop and some minor configuration, which is a really boon for someone who is new to SSIS. 1,205 more words


Gallic Cavalry

I’ve finished the last of the figures I needed to get done for my trip to Conquest in two weeks time. These are a command element for my Marian Romans, and four elements of Gallic cavalry. 371 more words