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Clean code, the SQL: Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

After the previous discussion about nested views, encapsulation & abstraction, I’d like to write about duplication specifically, and the distinction between actual lines of code being duplicated, versus functional duplication. 1,323 more words


North Wales

I was just wondering how well DBA 3Pk would move over this!!  Cader Idris in North Wales.

Joining Datasets Side by Side, in Their Natural Order When There's No Common Key

Here’s a little something that came up the other day, we’ve got a couple of tables which we need to join together but there’s no common key to join on.   511 more words

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Connect Oracle from Python in Windows

Python is a  very popular programming language that can be used for general purposes. It is an interpreted language with object-oriented features. At my blog I will give some information about Python how you can use it for database security subjects. 361 more words


Diocletian's Palace

For those interested I have posted a short summary of yesterday’s visit to Diocletian’s Palace in Split Croatia. It was difficult to decide where to post it. 88 more words


A short journey to my DBA

When I started my journey to my Doctorate of Business Administration diploma, I could not imagine that my career and life would change so dramatically. In November 2011, I boarded a plane for Grenoble to attend the first workshop. 542 more words

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Generating Random Numbers For All Rows in a Query and Other Funky Stuff You Can Do With Them

Here’s a lunchtime quickie for you all, this is something that I’ve seen asked on the forums plenty of times and always gets some quite convoluted responses. 887 more words

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