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DBA Week 1 Bold Predictions

As we close in on DBA Week 1, hopes are high as we all begin our journey to the Tourney. Yes, we will be missing a few people due to injury, and un-dedicated absence which involves AAU which is the worst organization the country has ever seen. 695 more words


Death by Awkward Taco Bell

Everyone brings out the awkward in me.  It’s not their fault for the most part, but it does happen and I can’t control it.  Kathleen, my best friend from home and my ultimate frienemy (She goes to IU), has been mentioned before when it comes to being nearby while I do ridiculous things.  386 more words


I recently discussed NUMA in my Couchbase NUMA post. All the same principles apply with MySQL and NUMA.
NUMA imbalances in MySQL can cause extreme swapping. 136 more words


How SQL Server Can Make Things More Secure ... Use Encryption!

One of the hottest topics in the technology world is security.  This topic is important because there are few things that can hurt a company more than stolen or misused data.   906 more words


Week 1 Schedules

Here are the schedules for DBA Week 1:


5 Days until we RISE.


How to safely grant ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION "privilege" to non-DBA users

The title of the post can be a bit misleading as there is no such Oracle privilege “ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION”, and there is just “ALTER SESSION” privilege. 357 more words


Property Owner not available for database

The other day when trying to access the properties of a SQL Server database I received the following error.

Cannot show requested dialog.

Property Owner is not available for Database ‘’. 57 more words