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Review: Res & Datkid (Split Prophets) - Drugs, Booze & Dental Issues

When the teaser for Drugs Booze and Dental Issues surfaced online in early January of this year a wave of excitement rippled throughout the online hip hop community. 101 more words


java2perl6api - Java to Perl 6 API translation - What, Why, and Whereto

In this post I’m going to talk about the java2perl6api project. What its goals are, why I think it’s important, how it relates to a Perl 6 DBI, what exists now, what’s needs doing, and how you can help. 1,640 more words


How to avoid post-construction by using Parts Factories.

I did my first GUI programming on an Atari 1040ST, using Modula-2 and MC68000 assembly language, focusing on such immensely interesting things as implementing general windowing, a resonable blitter interface, raw mouse and non-buffered keyboard access, smooth text cursor and scrolling, and so on, basics that (except for the latter two, or three or four) nowadays e.g. 1,437 more words