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From Fear to Gratitude: A Reflection

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My grandmother wrapped gauze around my grandfather’s wound. His leg had been amputated at the knee. 909 more words


Examining Representations of Diabetes

I’m enrolled in a course this semester called “Disability and Culture.” In this class we are looking at representations of disability in film, art, writing, etc. 510 more words

"If there is to be a panic, let it be organized."

If any of you are regular readers (are you? if so, heyyyyy!), you’ll have noticed that I try to post here every Wednesday. I have a lot of things I want to say about living with a busted pancreas. 186 more words

Type 1 Diabetes

Accepting bad days...

Lately I am guilty of neglecting my blog a little bit. Diabetes has gotten in the way of everything and everyone towards the end of summer because apparently, I wasn’t paying it enough attention. 754 more words

Should You Lose Your Mind Over That Dumb Comment? A Handy Flowchart.

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My father is an Irishman and he is full of strange, whimsical sayings that sound incredibly wise either because they are, or because hearing them said in his Southern Irish lilt just makes them… 759 more words

Type 1 Diabetes

Como Enfrentarse a "Los Comentarios"

Mi padre es irlandés y tiene un amplio repertorio de sabios refranes. Sonarán así porque lo son o porque escucharlos en su acento irlandés sureño hace que suenen de manera peculiar. 777 more words


10 things T1D has taught me

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know I haven’t actually taken care of my diabetes from day one. I tried, but failed two or three times. 410 more words