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It’s spooky. It’s weird. It’s gross. It’s the Frankensensor!

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Type 1 Diabetes

One Year Later: Thank You

One year ago, on September 6, 2014, I was a shadow of the person who I am today. I was gaunt, hungry, and insulin-deprived, the result of months of insulin pump product defects and subsequent health problems due to medication delivery malfunctions. 1,334 more words


Happy 18th Birthday Diabetes!

It is crazy to think that 18 years ago today I was anxiously waiting for an afternoon appointment with an endocrinologist. I knew I was there because I had diabetes but what did that mean? 344 more words


When I adopt my future child (see here), the phrase “uh-huh” will probably be worthy of a “Swear Jar” donation according to Ally’s Little Book of Rules.  1,183 more words


My Blood Kit

Every person with T1D has one of these, but almost everyone calls it something different ;) from, kit, blood kit, gogo bag, sugar kit, to just the bag and what they hold is equally as varied. 579 more words


Type 3

I came across an interesting concept, today. One that got me smiling. The term ‘type 3 diabetes’.

We’ve all heard about type 1 and type 2 diabetes, maybe you’ve even heard about MODY or LADA. 780 more words


Unpredictable, unpreventable...mess

Back in 2011, doctors initially diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes. Within a matter of weeks, they diagnosed me as MODY (Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young). 432 more words