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happiness is a warm gun

jesse (pictured above) just leaned over from his desk,
parting from his lecture slide review,
to ask,
how do you respond to, ‘uncontrolled diabetic.’

with a bug-eyed expression, i replied, ‘not well at all.’ 323 more words

how am i the lucky one?

i’ve written about waiting before.

like september 17th 2013, i am now waiting. the life-on-hold- kind of waiting.
i’ve even taken to scientific versions of self help books. 194 more words


Where I am Now

I have made a lot of lifestyle changes over the last several months.  I eat a very strict diet, exercise regularly, check my blood sugar several times every day, adjust my insulin accordingly.  1,247 more words


just around the river bend

i’ve been hand-writing blog posts.
secrets abounding,
and projects evolving.

life secrets.
dream secrets.
all the secrets.

one of my best friends, mike lawson, told me about how easy it is to give up on an idea if you allow yourself to get credit for it too early into it’s development. 203 more words


drupal logging to rsyslog

0. Enable the syslog module in Drupal

Configure the Drupal module
In admin/config/development/logging , you can select one of the following prefixes for your website: 184 more words