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Okay. YOU might be able to get all the reasons why I have gathered these beautiful songs in one bomb ass playlist. But no worries, I’m here to break it down for you and I won’t do some long ass essay (though I could but I doubt you want me to :p) and explain each and every detail why I like the song because we goin’ be up in this place for God knows how long. 420 more words

Kdin Talk

Gửi Chàng trai tháng Sáu mang màu xanh của tự do và hi vọng…

Hôm nay tình cờ nhìn lại hình ảnh này, nhớ đến cảm xúc lần đầu tiên xem Anh trình diễn, thật hoài niệm. Từ đó đến nay đã rất lâu trôi qua rồi phải không Anh? 169 more words


The Top Ten Best Songs by TVXQ / DBSK / TOHOSHINKI

Whether you call them TVXQ, DBSK or Tohoshinki, these guys have one of the most prolific, enormous discographies of any k-pop artist. I could have easily split this into two lists — one for the five-member group and one for their current two-member configuration. 514 more words


My Thoughts on XIA's "Rock the World" Music Video

XIA is back with “Rock the World.”

As always, it’s hard to tell what XIA’s got next for his listeners, as he switches it up and tries all different kinds of musical styles. 268 more words


{Birthday Boy} Hữu Thiên

Tôi viết bài này trước khi tôi nhận ra rằng Yoochun chính là một thứ chấp niệm diệu kỳ, chỉ có thể tạm cất đi chứ mãi chẳng thể biến mất. 3,132 more words


[Performance] Monsta X - Mirotic

Tag-line: JOOHEOOOOON! Are you trying to kill me because I liked you enough before!

Ok so since Monsta X have come back with All In, they are just absolutely everywhere, gaining recognition where they deserve it. 389 more words