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When things are good they're good

But when they’re bad they’re really bad. When you feel your best isn’t enough and things are rapidly crumbling around you. And are powerless to make it stop.


Throw back to some of my originals

3 years ago when I first picked up a camera and only my point and shoot. I’m proud of how far I’ve come


7 & 13 already going into business

Opinions please. My kids 7 & 13 both want to buy there own cabin rooms and be able to decorate anyway they want when we buy land and build our tiny house. 131 more words


Can't sleep so here's a few photos I'd like to share

Over a week ago I started experiencing pain in my back, at times spreading to down my leg, numbness and pins n needles. I started with my hot baths, relaxing, extra magnesium supplements etc but nothing helped. 56 more words