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One day

About 28 hours has all its been. Sailors only gone a week. Keeping busy. Being productive and creative. But last night dawned on me that I was going to sleep without him by my side. 59 more words


If I wasn't sure before I am now

I’m head over heals in love with a gorgeous, funny, sexy, talented, creative, kind man. And the funny thing is he doesn’t know.


You may not agree but we

You may not agree but we all have a little mental illness in us. We all carrying traits of bpd, bipolar, anxiety, depression etc.

Don’t believe me? 109 more words


Daily positive 21

It feels like a challenge to find my positives today. My moods low. Its ok though I know why. I’m missing my sailor. Going to bes for the first time in weeks without him plain sucks. 11 more words


See you soon my sailor

I think it was put off for as long as possible. But time came for sailor to leave for work this morning. Gone for at least a week. 125 more words


Letter to bpd

Dear bpd

Right BPD we had a deal. We’ve had it for a few years now. Remember?

If I took care of my physical wellbeing, walking, eating better, sleeping. 187 more words