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Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds To Roster With Time Traveling Warrior

Just before E3 this year, there were leaks that Arc System Works, the company responsible for the Guilty Gear games, would be making a traditional Dragon Ball Z fighting game. 240 more words

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Dragon Ball FighterZ adds Future Trunks; possibly cross-play and Switch port.

Fan favourite character Future Trunks is the newest edition to the roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ. He was revealed in the latest issue of Jump magazine in Japan, which only showed a single screenshot of him performing a super. 325 more words


Regressing to childhood with an old favorite

Anime Roundup - 6-20-17 - DB Super #95

Every Saturday, most of my current favorite anime airs and Anime Roundup is where I’ll give my thoughts on and review the episode. You already saw me gush about Attack on Titan, Dragonball Super and My Hero Academia is also a weekly must watch for me. 446 more words


DragonBall Z episode 4, Piccolos Plan

Spoilers below

When your opponent decides they want to make a game out of killing you it gives off a signal of them being extremely confident in their abilities while at the same time being underwhelmed by yours, this was definitely the case at the start of this episode. 1,070 more words


DragonBall Z episode 3, Unlikely Alliance 

Spoilers below.

Following straight on from where we last left our rather immobilised hero, Raditz has decided that his threatening to kill Gohan is going to provide that extra incentive for Goku, essentially it’s either you kill 100 humans or I kill your son. 913 more words


DragonBall Z episode 2, Reunions

Spoilers below

So the very beginning of this episode provides some pretty important information, the alien known as Raditz is Saiyan, as is the one he is searching for, Kakarrot. 1,002 more words