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Dragon Ball Super Ep. 45 Review: More Than Just A Copy

This article WILL contain SPOILERS and rumors or my own personal predictions and fan theories. Things are getting weird with new blob Vegtea showing up at the end of last weeks episode. 453 more words

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Dragon Ball Super Ep. 44 Review: A New Villain!?!

This article WILL contain SPOILERS and rumors or my own personal predictions and fan theories.

After last week’s semi-snooze fest, this episode opens up with a mstyerious old looking alien being stalked by menacing forces. 400 more words

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5 Reasons I Won't Watch DragonBall Super

First let’s start this off with, ahem, MY FIRST REAL POST ON THE PAGE! WOOO!

Now that, that is out of the way, let us get on to the real topic. 1,193 more words

DragonBall XenoVerse 2 Announced!

It appears the seven Dragonballs have been collected. How else could this have happened in less than 2 years? Yesterday, Z fans were ecstatic not only to see a sequel to the the well received DragonBall XenoVerse announced, but to have it come with a gift wrapped trailer too! 325 more words


What Anime Power Would You Want?

Everyone who’s watched anime before has at one time or another fantasized themselves wielding the same superpowers used by their favorite characters. This is a normal phenomenon for people, as it is fun to take the unrealistic, fictional elements of a show and see how they would be compatible to us in our world.  114 more words


Bandai Namco Entertainment Reveals Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

You remember the last Dragon Ball Xenoverse video game, right? It was the one wherein which you were tasked with going back through the Dragon Ball… 405 more words


Dragonball Xenoverse 2 Announcement Trailer

I honestly really enjoyed playing DB Xenoverse. I have a little creampuff of a Buu who finished the main storyline, but I never got around to grinding out all the way up to the DLC Stuff, although I do have them. 44 more words