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Casey Veggies(@CaseyVeggies)-"Super Saiyan"

Casey Veggies drops a DBZ themed “Super Saiyan” track. Track is solid artwork is even doper.


Dragon Ball Z Resurrection ‘F’ Update

I now own the Blu Ray! Definitely one of the best DBZ films out there and helped to erase the memories of Battle of Gods. This film is only matched by legendary titles like Broly and Android 13, but may even surpass them!


"Vegeta turns super saiyan for the first time."

I have to post this now. I always wanted to use that quote in real life. It’s to good. I can’t believe I actually got the chance. 21 more words

GachiYellow Daily

Dragon Ball Super Ep. 29 and 30 Recaps and links to the Episodes

This article WILL contain SPOILERS and rumors or my own personal predictions and fan theories.  Here is a link for you to get caught up on DBS and join in the conversation. 555 more words

Fun Stuff

[FF] Son Gohan and Keroberos.

This was my first attempt at drawing using PaintTool SAI. I am still definitely a beginner but I found so many helpful options that Krita lacked (or I just didn’t know where to look.) The option to stabilise your line is absolutely amazing. 242 more words


Dragonball Super still isn’t that great

I’ve been watching Dragonball Super on and off. I wrote about it once before on here, specifically to talk about the lack of quality animation and their choices to retell the Beerus and Resurrection F movies again in the anime. 845 more words