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My second piece. This was the longest one I worked on. I’m very proud of it. It has a lot more detailing compared to my others, thanks to the reference photo having detail itself.


Dragon Ball Super Ep. 63 Review: Saiyans Vs God Killers!

Here is a Link to watch the Episode before you read the review!

This story arch has been really moving over the past few episodes, now the heroes finally have a plan to defeat the evil Black and Zamasu. 503 more words

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Dragon Ball Super Comes to Crunchyroll!

The popular anime streaming service, Crunchyroll, has recently announced that they have gained streaming rights to the newest Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball Super. It is reported that you will be able to start from the Future Trunks Saga, up to the latest episode released in Japan. 132 more words

Anime mystery: What does "head cha-la" mean?

Last week, I talked about Sailor Moon. This week, I’m talking about another anime from my childhood: Dragonball Z.

The Japanese theme song… 216 more words

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