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UFC's Ronda Rousey wears an Over 9000!!! shirt, confronts WWE's Stephanie McMahon | Ronda Rousey de la UFC viste una camiseta "Over 9000!!!" y se enfrenta a Stephanie McMahon del WWE

[EN]: Tonight’s Wrestlemania XXXI was full of surprises. Besides the unexpected ending to the Heavyweight Championship Match, there was the presence of UFC Bantamweight Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. 198 more words


Music Taste

Sometimes you love a song, but no one else knows about it, well see that can be a often case! Girls are like “What are you listening to?” I sometimes say “Do you want to listen? 63 more words



“Believe It!”

Sorry everyone, I couldn’t resist a Naruto quote when talking about going to an anime event.

Anime Japan is one of Japan’s biggest anime events. 383 more words


Johnny, Timmy, and Spike Go Super Saiyan

For those new to the terms, there was a Wizards of the Coast article sometime back that explored the different types of players and gave them names to personify them- Johnny, Timmy, and Spike. 571 more words


Yamcha's Struggle

Poor old Yamcha even gets a bad rap in figure form!

Premium Bandai have revealed a new figure based on Yamcha’s Death Pose from the Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Saga. 59 more words


DBZ Xenoverse -- high level/cheap tatics

It’s been a while since I posted anything about video games. Trust me, I’ve still being playing them. Anyway I’ve recently acquired DBZ Xenoverse. Above is a video showing off some infinite combos. 210 more words


Freeza sings about the nations of Earth...before blowing them up (I assume)

Now this is an interesting find that commemorates the upcoming DBZ movie Revival of F.  And apparently, he was Yakko in the Japanese dub of Animaniacs.  10 more words