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Side Dishes - Piccolo

Another first for the Thieves, I’ve got a start to what (I hope) will be something of a regular feature on the blog – Side Dishes. 494 more words


Time Travel in Anime

Disclaimer: this will not cover any series that I haven’t watched.

As we’ve all seen recently from a lot of seasonal and former seasonal shows that have come out, time travel has been a growing trend in what we have seen in anime.  622 more words


Last Day of DBZ

Ending this DBZ week with the lovely character, Chibi Gohan!

Oddly enough, Trunks was my favorite character from the show.  Thing is, the name is so weird.   42 more words


More DBZ...

Might as well continue DBZ week with this graphite drawing of Vegeta kicking someone. =P

This pose was actually pretty fun to draw.  It’s different than most poses, since it’s kicking while in mid air.  Jump kick anyone?


DBZ Anyone?

Ah Dragon Ball Z…  How I loved you throughout high school and college.  Yes, I’m a nerd.  XD  Below is a charcoal drawing of the main character, Goku! 80 more words