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Crafting Dragon Ball Glitch

Gaming, as a craft, has allowed for fan art to emerge such as glitch art. Hit anime tv show, Dragon Ball Z (DBZ), remains one of the most popular tv/game series of this generation. 155 more words



A better shade of green

Not envy or greed

Focused upon the training

If ya swing at me, I’m banging

Ya motherfucker’s derang-ed

Namekian, I’m dangerous… 58 more words


Dragon Ball Side Story: The Case of Being Reincarnated as Yamcha

This is definitely a very interesting concept that the series has going. It could be really awesome or it could jump the shark really fast. The beginning was definitely not as good as it could have been since the main character is so bad. 26 more words


Chapter 9: Fallout

Begeta punched Frieza but he blocked it. He started hitting Frieza with a series of kicks, punches and energy blasts. Frieza just stood defensively. He never cancelled out the attacks. 1,388 more words

Playing Defense for Dragon Ball Z (Rant)

I would never imagine that one day I would be playing defense for Dragon Ball, a incredibly popular anime series,  against typical anime elitists.

You know, the ones who have a false sense of superiority cuz they took deep, more artistic anime series way too seriously.  382 more words

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