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Funko POP! Review Episode 2 Piccolo

For the 2nd Funko POP! Review we took a look at my favorite character from my favorite anime of all time Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z! 31 more words


Day 145

Another long day of work consisting of editing, trailers and new YouTube channel. I also just uploaded the trailer and teaser to my Goku Vs. Superman trailer. 7 more words

Day 144- Superman Vs Goku The Movie

Sneak peak of a trailer I’m doing for one of my projects in class. Goku (super saiyan God Goku to be exact) Vs. Superman. This trailer is going to be pretty epic!

Day 142

A little midnight sketch I did of my friend as a saiyan. He wanted me to do an anime drawing of him in class after he saw me drawing Goku. 36 more words

The Longest Battle In Anime History Is Now A Movie

It has been recently announced that this year, Dragon Ball Z will be having another movie, following Battle Of Gods, where the remains of Freiza’s army, Sorbet and Tagoma (as shown in the movie poster in bottom left and bottom right corners) come to Earth to use the Dragon Balls to wish for Freiza’s revival. 275 more words


Bibidi, Babidi and Buu!

Today I had the epiphany of all epiphanies! While sitting on the couch, kicking it back to the good old days and watching a video tape of Dragon Ball Z that I had found in an old box – a collection of three episodes of the attack of Majin Buu on Earth – I realised something. 108 more words