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Why do people dislike the fusion dance/poses?

From what I have seen, the majority of people(including the dbz characters themselves) think that the fusion dance is embarrassing and the poses are awkward. I really don't understand why a dance that has the potential to create the strongest warriors in the universe is weird. 52 more words


Vegeta only Sayian never to get his moment in major story. Please give him one

Ok So I love dragon ball z / super. And I really love it when anybody Except for Goku actually saves the day / Wins the final Battle vs the Main Villain. 200 more words


Marvelous Designs Interview @ OCCC!

The Loading Snacks Crew attended Ocean City Comic Con and Sin interviewed Jordan Marvel of Marvelous Designs! For more of his work check out his social media pages! 8 more words


DBS episode 119, worst episode of TOP so far?

Yeah 119 was very poorly handled, and wasnt kind to piccolo or Gohan. Right now their cooperation seems extremely forced. And I don't care how scholarly Gohan is, he has been coming off really dumb. 139 more words


A Rant on why I Think Funimation's impact on DBZ in the West has been Negative

The topic of why I think Funimation has negatively impacted Western Dragon Ball perception is a thing that covers many parts. I am not making any statements of fact in regards to whether or not you happen to like the dub or not. 919 more words


Two Characters That Should Be The First DLCs In The Upcoming Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is one of the most anticipated games in the fighting game community. Over the weekend, Kid Buu was introduced as another addition to the fighting game. 244 more words

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