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Dragon Ball Super #103

A quick review as I’m in a bit of a hurry. Basically, this is the episode where not only does Gohan finally do something, but he finally wins a damn fight after however many years. 234 more words


Why fans prefer One piece over Dragon Ball.

If you’re obsessed with Dragon Ball and wondering why fans who watch both prefer One Piece over it, this article might help you open your eyes. 726 more words

Anime Comparison

Welcome to hoodsaiyan hacks!

This is a blog for posting all kinds of software for specific hacking types. I myself don’t think I know very much, but it’s good to help those who do find what they want. 64 more words



Blusage Da’Kaio is the primary protagonist of the fantastic realms of Dream World.  A brooding wanderer who travels afar to find purpose for mystical ‘gifts’ he was bestowed at an early age.   210 more words


Power Couples for the Win! Dragon Ball Super Episode 99

(Transferred over from my Tumblr…minor spoilers and stuff)

I got a tad ranty last time I talked about Dragon Ball Super, but this time they actually did something well! 354 more words


Dragon Ball Fusions Stats and Records

Stats time!

Play Time 18h 10m
Red Energy 850
Blue Energy 850
Purple Energy 600
Yellow Energy 850
Green Energy 550
Training 55/115
Allies :52… 44 more words

Game Records