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🔴Dragon Ball Super Episode 130! So Much To Talk About! EmoshIsLIVE

dragon ball super episode 130 was absolutely insane! mastered ultra instinct goku vs jiren had movie quality feels after the commercial break. the intensity of the scenes between goku and jiren and the dialogue between goku and jiren really makes us feel like they are trying to have goku change jiren’s character. 223 more words

🔴DBS Episode 131 Preview Image! EmoshIsLIVE

Image By YonkouProductions

based on this image preview for dragon ball super episode 131 it looks like goku will in fact lose time while in ultra instinct! 387 more words

If You Think The Spoilers Are Wrong DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO! DBS Episode 131 Spoilers

if you think spoilers are wrong don’t watch this video! a couple of weeks ago herms98 on twitter amongst many other members of the dragon ball community dropped some dragon ball super spoilers that really got the fandom going wild. 625 more words

This Is Why DBS Spoilers Are Bad Now! *Dragon Ball Super Spoilers Inside* (But Not Really...)

This is why dbs spoilers are bad now. dont worry there arent any major or even remotely close to major dragon ball super episode 130-131 spoilers in this video. 634 more words

🔴DBS Episode 130-131 - End Of Dragon Ball Super & New DBS Movie 2018 Talk

Dragon Ball Super Movie Release Date Confirmed! A Long Awaited Opponent?! Thoughts & Speculations :

DBS Staff Announces Something Special At The End Of Dragon Ball Super : 210 more words

DBS Staff Announces Something Special At The End Of Dragon Ball Super

DBS staff announces something special at the end of dragon ball super episode 131 (most likely) in a recent universe survival arc interview many questions were asked regarding the tournament of power. 695 more words

Toei Animation Confirms Dragon Ball Super won't end on March 25th!

If you’re an 80’s or a 90’s kids like me I’m sure your favorite anime is “Dragon Ball”. Today we’ll talk about the last series that is about to “end” on Japanese TV  “Dragon Ball Super”. 373 more words