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Booster Busting: Dragon Ball Z Trading Cards Series 2

A while back, I found this box of DBZ boosters and nostalgia hit me. Back in the day I remember getting a single pack of these and pulling an all silver Porunga card. 285 more words


Funimation Announces Premiere Date of Dragon Ball Super

Funimation has revealed not one, but TWO pieces of news about the Dragon Ball franchise, including the premiere date of Dragon Ball Super in North America! 10 more words


A Gamer Adrift

For a very long time, I was a hardcore Warhammer Fantasy player. I have an amazing quanitity of Dwarfs painted to what I once considered great, and I spent nearly every moment of free time through college and beyond building, painting, and playing the little bearded fellows. 167 more words


An Average Review: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

As kids we all grew up watching Cartoon Network and still have fond memories of all the shows that would air on that channel. Dragon Ball Z… 1,017 more words

Of Demons and Humans

What makes us human ?

If lurking beneath every heart , there lies a demon crouching ,

Then is the converse true too ?

(For a Demon) 198 more words


Thank you, Anime. Vol 1.


We all know that we are in an age where nerd shaming is no longer a thing. Well, at least our generation. I look at my ten year-old little brother and am so thankful he’s a nerd. 4,488 more words