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Build a New World in 'New Suicide Squad' #10

America’s birthday isn’t all fun and games and beer and steak. But the parts that aren’t allow us to enjoy the parts that are. What better way to celebrate this weekend’s festivities than by showing your appreciation for the supervillains who keep us safe? 310 more words


It's Super-Dodgeball Time in 'Doomed' #2

Doomed: we’ve all been it. For some, it’s facing another day of high school. For others it’s loathing themselves because of the kind of person they’ve become.  424 more words


Entertainment Weekly releases Batman v Superman cover and story!

You can click the story here, but here are the photos from the magazine (I will update it when HQ photos surface):

“Zack Snyder recalls the first time he pitched the idea, in a meeting with franchise co-captains Christopher Nolan and David S. 255 more words

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Watch Alfred Make An Excellent Case For Finally Calling An Exterminator For The Batcave

The Batcave is a pretty cool place. Maybe the coolest place. The fact that the Batcave is full of actual fluttering, shrieking bats really boosts it’s cool-factor, but from a practical point of view, letting a colony of bats live in your high-tech headquarters is a pretty terrible idea. 53 more words


Batman V Superman - Entertainment Weekly Images Hype Upcoming Comic Con

Comic Con begins next weekend and Warner Bros is taking advantage of the buzz surrounding their highly anticipated DC panel. After all, the absence of Marvel creates an opportunity for all the focus to be on DC and their upcoming event film… 512 more words