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DC Cancels 'Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps'

With comic book solicitations comes both good and bad news.  On the one hand you can find out about a new series or learn information about ones currently being read, and on the other hand you can learn if a series you love is being canceled.  331 more words

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DC Essential Graphic Novels 2018

DC Comics wants to help you figure out where to start with your reading, by providing the Essential Graphic Novels 2018 guide.  Click Here to check out this free guide from DC Comics.

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They're stepping up

As soon as India, Nigeria, South Africa and China step up a lot in animation America and its ilk are stepping up in adult animation. Western adult animation (even pornographic ones) may’ve existed and still do especially… 264 more words

Let’s Talk Spoilers – ‘Batman Ninja’

Check out our SPOILER TALK for Batman Ninja! We go over the story, the characters, the animation, and much more. Harrison talks about things he liked as well as things he didn’t like about DC’s latest animated feature. 10 more words


Racebending Considerations

People complaining about racebending is understandable. Keep in mind that this isn’t anything new, the most notorious one prior to Marvel’s ‘SJW’ years is what became of Psylocke. 236 more words

Comics Report: 23/05/2018

Black Panther #1 Review

One for the first titles in Marvel’s fresh start initiative brings back 2018’s favorite superhero in a new ongoing series, one that takes the Black Panther to places unexpected.  909 more words

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You Can't Be Missed If You Won't Go Away

I just read an article about how Zach Snyder’s plans for the DCEU were supposedly so “epic, grand, emotional, joyful and unforgettable” which bothers me more than a little bit because we’re hearing more about Snyder’s plans for this and intentions for that now than when… 393 more words