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Batman 79 - Vicki Vale gets engaged to Batman, and pre-Revolutionary Gotham

Vicki Vale is pretty demanding on the cover of Batman 79 (Oct/Nov 53), and the story itself, by Reed, Sprang and Paris, feels a lot like a Lois Lane tale. 279 more words

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Batman 78 - the Manhunter from Mars, and Batman in Canada

Batman’s in Canada in issue 78 (Aug/Sept 53).

The first story in the issue, by Hamilton, Schwartz and Paris, introduces a Manhunter from Mars, two years before J’onn J’onzz would debut. 127 more words

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Five Minutes With...Jason Starr

After launching the Five Minutes With… series with a spotlight on Green Arrow artist Patrick Zircher last month, I’m thrilled to introduce yet another pop culture industry interview, this time with novelist, screenwriter and comic book scribe Jason Starr, whose new novel… 925 more words

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'The Flash' Taps Tony Todd To Voice DC Villain Zoom In Season Two

After the first season of The Flash, many fans have wondered and speculated how the CW will one up themselves with the upcoming new episodes. 430 more words


Star Wars Vs. Star Trek: Why The Debate?

For years people have fought over a single question: Which is better, Star Wars, or Star Trek? They were the first real movie franchises. 150 more words

Star Wars

'The Flash': Tony Todd to Voice Season 2's Big Bad Zoom

Zoom is coming to Central City.

While we’ve gotten plenty of casting news during this offseason, fans have been eagerly waiting for the announcement of the season’s infamous big bad. 321 more words


Batman 76 - gay parties, and fictional birds

A good cover on Batman 76 (April/May 1953).

Hamilton, Schwartz and Paris spin this tale about a Danger Club, made up of members who risk their lives frequently.  126 more words

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